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September 2018 Superfund Research Program Science Digest

Superfund Research Program Science Digest
Balancing Scientific Excellence with Research Relevance

Technology Profile

Glycosurf, LLC

Researchers at Glycosurf, LLC are developing green surfactants for efficient and cost-effective removal of heavy metals and rare earth elements from wastewater.

Technology GlycoSurf's technology produces high-purity and high-performance glycolipids, for example rhamnolipids, using renewable sugar molecules. Unlike many surfactants used in remediation, rhamnolipids are bio-based and eco-friendly.
Innovation Rhamnolipids are a class of glycolipid surfactants traditionally produced primarily by Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria. Using the traditional method, rhamnolipids are extracted in low-purity and at high-cost, and no two batches of rhamnolipids are exactly the same. GlycoSurf has developed a new low-cost, high-purity, scalable technology that eliminates the need for bacteria and uses a unique synthetic process that produces consistent rhamnolipid bio-based surfactants for a variety of applications.
Contaminant and Media Heavy metals and rare earth elements in wastewater
Principal Investigator Chett Boxley, Ph.D. 
Institution Glycosurf, LLC 
Grant Number R43ES029423