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June 2018 Superfund Research Program Science Digest

Superfund Research Program Science Digest
Balancing Scientific Excellence with Research Relevance

Technology Profile

PowerTech Water

Researchers at PowerTech Water LLC are developing an affordable and widely adoptable solution to remove lead and other toxic metals from drinking water.

Technology PowerTech Water is using its patent-pending INCION technology to preferentially remove metal ions from water. The INCION M-Series uses an active filtration process with proprietary carbon electrodes to eliminate metals from water under the influence of small voltages. The system is highly specific for metals, such as lead, iron, chromium, and manganese, and is not consumed by abundant water constituents, providing a longer device lifetime than competing technologies. In addition, the INCION M-Series can remove chlorine, volatile organic contaminants, taste, and odor from drinking water.
Innovation PowerTech Water's solution offers a low-cost, low-maintenance technology that can specifically target metals.
Contaminant and Media Lead and other toxic metals in drinking water
Principal Investigator Lindsay Boehme
Institution PowerTech Water LLC
Grant Number R43ES028171