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Your Environment. Your Health.

August 2017 Superfund Research Program Science Digest

Superfund Research Program Science Digest
Balancing Scientific Excellence with Research Relevance

Director's Letter

Dr Suk

As NIEHS nears the end of its current 2012-2017 Strategic Plan, we are reflecting on how the Superfund Basic Research and Training Program (SRP) has contributed to achieving the plan's goals. In keeping with the NIEHS mission, diverse SRP research teams develop and implement unique, solution-oriented approaches to address complex environmental health problems and promote healthier lives.

As you may know, the SRP has a Strategic Plan of its own, which is well-aligned with the NIEHS plan. Based on stakeholder feedback, the 2015 Strategic Plan added goals to broaden stakeholders and emphasize prevention and intervention activities in community engagement. These additions strengthened SRP's approach to promoting prevention and intervention activities as part of the SRP mandate to support basic biological, chemical, and physical methods for reducing the amount and toxicity of hazardous substances.

The diversity of research and data generated by our grantees presents an opportunity, and we are pursuing ways to share and integrate these data across different domains. We also added goals in the 2015 SRP Strategic Plan to support integration of multidisciplinary environmental health research data. By sharing knowledge and working together, grantees leverage resources, maximize productivity, and accelerate scientific advancement.

In this issue, we feature SRP scientists who are advancing research on environmental mixtures. Goal 4 of the NIEHS Strategic Plan focuses on how combined environmental exposures affect disease pathogenesis. The SRP is taking a transdisciplinary approach to studying the role of combined exposures on human health and to identify preventive measures or remediation technologies to reduce potential exposure.

Here at NIEHS, we have started re-examining our goals and updating our Strategic Plan in light of the scientific progress made over the last 5 years and emerging areas of need. As we identify new priorities and explore opportunities, we welcome any feedback. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me or other members of the SRP staff.

Warm regards,

William A. Suk, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Superfund Research Program