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February 2017

Superfund Research Program Science Digest
Balancing Scientific Excellence with Research Relevance

Technology Profile

Researchers at Lynntech, an SRP-funded small business, are developing a field deployable vapor intrusion monitor that pre-concentrates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with high selectivity.

Technology A miniature cartridge-based sample collection method that pre-concentrates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with high selectivity. The technology uses solid phase extraction for selective capture and pre-concentration of VOCs and infrared fingerprinting to unambiguously identify analytes.
Innovation The sample collection method is integrated with existing portable spectrometers, thereby providing a means to identify VOCs at low concentrations in a highly portable format. The real-time air monitor detects vapor intrusion in both vapor and liquid phase at trace levels (low ppb) and operates without human intervention for an extended period of time.
Contaminant and Media Chlorinated VOCs (chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons) in air
Principal Investigator Bikas Vaidya, Ph.D.
Site Bandera Road Ground Water Plume in San Antonio, Texas
Institution Lynntech, Inc.
Grant Number R44ES21625