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Community Engagement/Research Translation Cores Network

Superfund Research Program

This page contains materials for the Superfund Research Program's (SRP's) network of Community Engagement Cores (CEC) and Research Translation Cores (RTC).

We Need Your Data!

SRP Data Collection Form
Please use this form to keep NIEHS updated regarding your Center's recent accomplishments and collaborative activities.

Partnerships for Environmental Public Health (PEPH) Resource Center  
We encourage SRP grantees to upload materials to this valuable resource center, hosted by NIEHS.

Communicate! Collaborate!

Grantee Community Engagement and Research Translation Cores

This page contains lists of the CECs' and RTCs' leaders as well as links to their respective pages on the SRP website.

You can email all members of the RTC Contact List at: .
You can email all members of the CEC Contact List at: .
Note: If you include both addresses in your email's "To" line, recipients who are on both lists will receive only one copy of your message.

SRP CEC/RTC Communication & Collaboration  
SRP grantees have created this site as an extension of the CEC/RTC meetings, where attendees develop and share ideas.

EPA/ATSDR Contact List for Superfund Research Program - November 2010(1MB)  
One of SRP's goals is to foster collaboration between the scientists it funds and government officials, including those at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). This document contains the most recent list of relevant EPA and ATSDR contacts, organized by region.

Materials of Interest

SRP Annual Meeting (2010): CEC/RTC Discussion Group Notes(182KB)  
During SRP's Annual Meeting in November 2010, personnel from the different programs' RTCs and CECs met to discuss how to collaborate more effectively with government, translate their research to policy, etc. This document contains notes from their strategy sessions.

CEC/RTC Workshop Materials:

Letter from Dr. William Suk(296KB) (April 2007)
In this letter, Dr. Suk, SRP's Director, encourages grantees to keep their RTCs updated on their Centers' recent accomplishments and collaborative activities.