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2018 News

Superfund Research Program

Table of Contents
Microvi Technology to Restore Drinking Water in California District
December 21, 2018
SRP PFAS Research Highlighted at Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable
December 11, 2018
SRP Researchers and Trainees Travel to China for IEBMC Meeting
November 30, 2018
Soil Conference Explores Connection Between Soil Microbes and Human Health
November 08, 2018
One Year Later, SRP Researchers Investigate the Health Impacts of Hurricane Maria
October 31, 2018
Simplifying PCB Concentration Calculations in Sediment
October 23, 2018
EPA Adds Five Hazardous Waste Sites to the National Priorities List
October 23, 2018
Suk Receives Fulbright Award to Support Environmental Health in Thailand
October 17, 2018
Method Predicts Bioavailability of Mercury in Water and Sediment
October 16, 2018
Dartmouth Superfund Research Program Informs International Mercury Reduction Efforts
October 03, 2018
SRP Well-Represented at National ISES-ISEE Meeting
September 21, 2018
Michigan State University SRP Center Founding Director Lawrence Fischer Dies
September 11, 2018
SRP Visits University of New Mexico METALS Superfund Research Program Center
September 11, 2018
SRP Trainee Explores Intersection of Art and Science
August 30, 2018
Early SRP Collaboration Guides Potential Treatment Options for Disorders of the Eye
August 28, 2018
Global Pollution Observatory Provides Path to Addressing Global Pollution
August 20, 2018
CycloPure Chemist Wins Guggenheim Fellowship
August 09, 2018
SRP Startup Nets Innovative Technology Prize
August 08, 2018
International Conference Promotes Environmental Health Research Exchange
July 20, 2018
Ferguson Presents Tools to Assess Unknown Environmental Chemicals
July 19, 2018
SRP Grantees Discuss Kidney Disease at NIH Workshop
July 06, 2018
PCTech Graduates from Competitive Commercialization Program
June 26, 2018
SRP Grantees Share Findings and Resources with Stakeholders
June 21, 2018
Sunderland Discusses PFAS Research at ATSDR
June 21, 2018
Successful SRP Webinar Series Focuses on Toxicity Testing
June 21, 2018
Distinguished Lecture Highlights Mechanisms of Liver Cancer
June 20, 2018
Public Webinar Outlines Latest PFAS Exposure and Health Research
May 25, 2018
EPA Adds Six Hazardous Waste Sites to the National Priorities List
May 25, 2018
SRP Brings Solution-Oriented Science to SOT
May 01, 2018
SRP Grantee Presents NIEHS Seminar on Clinical Intervention for Pain
April 27, 2018
Trainee Research Featured in the SRP Poster Winners Webinar
April 26, 2018
Eight Northeast SRP Centers Convene at Regional Meeting
April 23, 2018
Workshop Takes Next Steps with Lancet Commission Report
April 12, 2018
Iowa SRP Center Model Enables Accurate Air Pollutant Measurements
March 27, 2018
SRP Researchers Create Ultrastretchable Nano Barrier for Numerous Applications
March 19, 2018
SRP Grantees Work to Improve Water Quality for Native Communities
March 16, 2018
SRP Grantees Participate in Federal PFAS Information Exchange
February 26, 2018
Improving Site Characterization to Assess Contaminant Removal
February 15, 2018
SRP Research Finds Ancestry-Based Differences in Telomere Length Genes
February 05, 2018
SRP Grantee Featured in Science Friday Video
January 31, 2018
Fish Adaptation to TCDD Seen at the Genome Level
January 19, 2018
SRP Grantee Takes Cleanup Technology to the Field
January 09, 2018
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