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SRP Trainee Award Winners

Annual Meeting of the Superfund Research Program

Along with the traditional presentations and plenary sessions, the Superfund Research Program (SRP) Annual Meeting set aside time for celebrating award-winning students.

Karen Wetterhahn Awardee

Hammond (right) with LSU SRP Training Core leader Robin McCarley

Hammond (right) with LSU SRP Training Core leader Robin McCarley, who presented Hammond with her award
(Photo courtesy of Kelli Palmer, LSU SRP)

The 2013 winner of the coveted Karen Wetterhahn Memorial Award, Corin Hammond, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Arizona, travelled back to her undergraduate alma mater of Lousiana State University (LSU) to accept the award. Hammond is the sixteenth SRP trainee to receive this award.

Hammond’s doctoral work combines field-scale experimentation in semi-arid environments with bench-scale wet chemistry methods and molecular-scale spectroscopy techniques to better understand how stabilizing contaminants using plants, or phytostabilization, affects the form and mobility of arsenic in mine waste. Mine waste, also known as mine tailings, often contains toxic metals, which people can inhale through dust. Hammonds’ colleagues have identified native plants and conditions that allow them to grow where mine contamination is found. The plants keep the tailings from spreading long distances through wind erosion. During her talk, Hammond explained her research on phytoremediation of mine wastes in semi-arid environments.

KC Donnelly Externship Awardees

Some of the KC Donnelly Externship awardees and Poster winners pose for a photo at the 2013 Annual Meeting

Some of the KC Donnelly Externship awardees and Poster winners pose for a photo at the 2013 Annual Meeting. From left to right: Minghui Gui, Jing Sun, Leah Chibwe, Peter Wagner, Shohreh Farzan, Fabian Grimm, and James Rice.
(Photo courtesy of Kelli Palmer, LSU SRP)

Five trainees were presented with the 2013 KC Donnelly Externship Award, which provides awardees the opportunity to enrich their research in environmental health science at another institution for up to three months. The winners are:  Audrey Bone (Duke University), Leah Chibwe (Oregon State University), Shohreh Farzan (Dartmouth College), Erin Madeen (Oregon State University), and James Rice (Brown University), For more information about the awardees, visit the KC Donnelly 2013 winners website.

Student Poster Winners

Six trainees received awards for their research posters. The special SRP trainee session featured 79 posters. There were three winners in both the biomedical and non-biomedical categories.

Non-biomedical posters:

1st place:  Jing Sun, Columbia University
“Arsenic In-Situ Immobilization by Magnetite Formation within Contaminated Aquifer Sediments”

2nd place:  Leslie Knecht, University of Miami
“Sensing Environmental Contaminants with Paper-Based Platforms”

3rd place:  Minghui Gui, University of Kentucky
“Chloro-Organic Detoxification by Membrane Supported Iron-Iron Oxide System”

Biomedical posters:

1st place:  Daniel Gusenleitner, Boston University
“Rodent-based Toxicogenomic Models of Hepatocarcinogenicity”

2nd place:  Fabian Grimm, University of Iowa
“High Affinity Interactions between Human Transerythin and Polychlorinated Bipheny Sulfates – Implications for Thyroid Hormone Disruption and the Inhibition of Transerythin Amyloidosis”

3rd place:  Peter Wagner, Harvard University
“New Insights into the Molecular Mechanisms of Lead Neurotoxicity”

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