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Your Environment. Your Health.

Research Translation/Community Engagement Core Session

Annual Meeting of the Superfund Research Program

photo of Reams introduces MacArthur Fellow Subra

Reams (left) introduces MacArthur Fellow Subra, who described her work related to the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
(Photo courtesy of Kelli Palmer, LSU SRP)

For a full day prior to the main meeting, grantees involved in research translation and community engagement gathered separately to hear speakers and participate in discussions related to communication strategies for forming stronger connections with communities, NGO’s, and public agencies. They explored ways to engage communities facing environmental exposures, identify research gaps in understanding the societal effects of hazardous waste sites, and how they can interact more effectively with each other and federal stakeholders.


  • Introduction
    Margaret Reams, Ph.D., Louisiana State University
  • Engaging Communities Facing Cumulative Environmental Exposure Issues
    Wilma Subra, President, Subra Company
  • Engaging Communities with Undocumented, Vulnerable Residents
    Jonathan London, Ph.D., University of California, Davis
  • Engaging Fatigued, Suspicious, Polarized Communities
    Daniel Nguyen, MQVN
  • Communication Strategies for SRP  
    MDB, Inc.
  • Multimedia for Public Engagement
    Stuart Braman, Ph.D., Columbia University
  • Identifying Research Gaps in Understanding of Societal Effects of Hazardous Waste Sites
    James Rice, Ph.D., Brown University
photo of group activityat annual meeting
In addition to an enlightening talk about participatory research, London (left) also led an activity in which participants were asked interact with each other to rank various community-engaged research scenarios.
(Photo courtesy of Kelli Palmer, LSU SRP)
photo of Grantees involved with research translation and community engagement also met over lunch to discuss specific topics of interest

Grantees involved with research translation and community engagement also met over lunch to discuss specific topics of interest, including engaging with tribal communities, using mobile apps to promote environmental health, and incorporating environmental health topics in K-12 education.
(Photo courtesy of Kelli Palmer, LSU SRP)

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