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R01 Investigators Meeting

Annual Meeting of the Superfund Research Program
November 10-12, 2010
Portland, Oregon

Meeting Summary

SRP R01 Individual Grant Recipients met on November 10, 2010 to hold a satellite meeting apart from the main plenary sessions. During this meeting, they updated one another on the progress of their projects and discussed issues pertinent to their grants.


  • Nanoscale Mechanisms of Metal(loid) Rhizostabilization in Desert Mine Tailings
    Jon Chorover, University of Arizona
  • Novel Mechanism of Uranium Reduction via Microbial Nanowires
    Gemma Reguerra, Michigan State University
  • Chemical Mapping of Chromate Uptake, Localization, and Reduction in Remediating Bacteria
    Joseph Irudayaraj, Purdue University
  • In Vivo Characterization of Bacteria-mediated Extracellular Reduction of Chromium
    H. Peter Lu, Bowling Green State University
  • Sequestration and Immobilization of Metal and Metalloid Contaminants in Sediments
    Peggy O'Day, University of California - Merced
  • Integrating Microbial Biostimulation and Electrolytic Aeration to Degrade POPs
    Harold May, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Funnel and Gate Innovations: Stabilization and Treatment of Contaminated Sediments
    Danny Reible, University of Texas
  • Novel Approaches to Studying the in situ Bioremediation of Complex Mixtures
    Rolf Halden, Arizona State University
  • Low-impact delivery of sorbent amendments to reduce contaminant bioavailability in sediments
    Upal Ghosh, University of Maryland - Baltimore County
  • Contamination of the North Shore of Lake Apopka with Organochlorine Pesticides
    Nancy Denslow, University of Florida
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