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Your Environment. Your Health.

Tulane University

Maureen Lichtveld, M.D., M.P.H.

Project Description

NIEHS Grant: U19ES020677

The Transdisciplinary Research Consortium for Gulf Resilience on Women’s Health (GROWH) built on strong partnerships among communities with historic burdens and persistent, multiple stressors. The research foci of the Consortium — pregnant women, adverse reproductive health outcomes, seafood safety, and community resilience — comport with those identified by the Institute of Medicine as research priorities for assessing health effects from the oil spill.

In collaboration with NIEHS, the consortium has:

  • Determined the effects of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, combined with the other adversities faced by the area, on mental health and reproductive outcomes among pregnant women and women of reproductive age living in affected parishes in Louisiana.
  • Characterized exposures of these women to selected contaminants of concern through exposure routes of concern to communities—specifically seafood consumption and air.
  • Examined the interactions of environmental and social disparities on the health of pregnant women and women of reproductive age.
  • Utilized community-based participatory research and outreach strategies to strengthen community resilience in vulnerable Gulf Coast populations.

GROWH’s goals were to establish and maintain a Consortium to advance innovative, community-centered, trans-disciplinary research focusing on multiple, interdependent stressors on health in targeted Gulf Coast communities that are at continuous increased risk of natural and technological disasters as well as adverse environmental and reproductive health conditions. GROWH will continue to collaborate with vulnerable populations along the Gulf Coast to conduct transdisciplinary, community based participatory research.

Community Partners

  • Bayou Interfaith Shared Community Organization
  • Louisiana Public Health Institute
  • Mary Queen of Vietnam Community Development Corporation
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