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Your Environment. Your Health.


Climate Change and Human Health Research

Environmental Epigenetics: Grantees
Institution Principal Investigator Project Title Location
Emory University Ying Zhou, Sc.D. Uncertainties in Modeling Spatially-Resolved Climate Change Health Impacts Atlanta, Georgia
Emory University Karen Levy, Ph.D. Social Vulnerability and Climatic Drivers of Enteric Disease in Rural Ecuador Atlanta, Georgia
University of California at Irvine Ralph Delfino, M.D., Ph.D. Pediatric Asthma, Photochemical Oxidant Air Pollutants, and Climate Change Vulnerability Irvine, California
University of Alabama at Birmingham Julia Gohlke, Ph.D. Extreme Heat Events- Evolving Risk Patterns in Urban and Rural Communities Birmingham, Alabama
Harvard University - Schwartz: Weather Extremes Joel Schwartz, Ph.D. Individual and Community Factors Conveying Vulnerability to Weather Extremes Cambridge, Massachusetts
Harvard University - Schwartz: Elderly Cohort Joel Schwartz, Ph.D. Physiologic Response to Weather Changes and Extremes in Elderly Cohort Cambridge, Massachusetts
Harvard University Antonella Zanobetti, Ph.D.<br />Diane Gold, M.D. Climate Change and Cardiac Vulnerability in Humans Cambridge, Massachusetts
Johns Hopkins University Roger Peng, Ph.D. Extreme Heat and Human Health: Characterizing Vulnerability in a Changing Climate Baltimore, Maryland
University of Wisconsin at Madison Jonathan Patz, M.D., M.P.H. Climate Change Impacts on Power Plant Emissions, Air Quality and Health in the U.S. Madison, Wisconsin
Mount Sinai School of Medicine Perry Sheffield, M.D.<br />Jane Clougherty, M.Sc., Sc. Children's Health and Vulnerability to Heat and Ozone in New York City New York City, New York
Center of Environmental Health Shao Lin, M.D., Ph.D.<br />SUNY Albany Climate Change and Adverse Birth Outcomes: Assessing the Vulnerability of Pregnant Women to Extreme Weather Conditions Troy, New York
Yale University Michelle Bell, M.D., M.P.H Vulnerability to Health Effects of Wildfires under a Changing Climate in Western U.S. New Haven, Connecticut
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Lyndsay Avalos, Ph.D.<br />Rupa Basu, Ph.D. Climate Change and Health: Assessing the Risk of Preterm Delivery Oakland, California
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Marie O’Neill, Ph.D. Climate Change and Health: Residential Energy-efficiency for Comfort and Equity Ann Arbor, Michigan
Emory University Stefanie Sarnat, Sc.D. Climate Change and Heat-Related Morbidity Among Vulnerable Populations in Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia
Johns Hopkins University Meredith McCormack, M.D. Health Effects of Extreme Heat among Vulnerable Populations with Asthma and COPD Baltimore, Maryland
University of Maryland Amir Sapkota, Ph.D. A National Scale Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change on Asthma Morbidity College Park, Maryland
University of Oklahoma Heather Basara, Ph.D. Climate Change, Heat Exposure, and Acute Morbidity in a Native American Population Norman, Oklahoma
University Of North Carolina Jason West, Ph.D. Climate Change and Future Air Pollution Mortality: Exploration of Scenarios and Benefits of Actions Using Global Atmospheric Modeling Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Emory University Jeremy Hess, M.D. Assessing and Addressing Health-Health Vulnerability in Ahmedabad, India Atlanta, Georgia
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