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II. Save/Restore


In the main menu bar, under File, your work can be saved. This is significantly different from the previous CBCA module where multiple files were generated each time there was a save. Now the Save function (and correspondingly Restore) put everything in one file that the user can name.

File dropdown with preferences, cluster editing, save, restore and close options

One issue that we have noticed is that when NMRVIEW is restarted and the previous session is restored, the cluster numbers all appear to be zero. The solution is to go to the Edit Cluster window and press "Save Clusts". This updates all the cluster numbers in the data array.

Edit cluster window with save clusts option

A second issue that we have been informed of involves saving the data. Make sure that you have read in a protein sequence, and that you have at least displayed the sequence once using Assign -> Sequence. This sets up the appropriate sequence array in memory.

Finally, a lot of the cluster data is also saved as information contained in the peak lists. Make sure that you save all the peak lists you are using in order to restore your session the next time you start NMRView.

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