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XV. Download


Please site the following article if you use this for publications.


NvAssign: Protein NMR spectral assignment with NMRVIEW, Nigel I. Kirby, Eugene F. DeRose, Robert E. London, and Geoffrey A. Mueller. Bioinformatics, In Press.


The module is packaged as a 64 KB gzipped tar file. Download with the link below. To extract do the following:


  • gzip nvassign.tar.gz
  • tar xvf nvassign.tar


This will create a dir called ‘nvassign’ in the working directory. To install, simply follow the short instruction included in the README file.


NOTE: The two new versions of NvAssign for NMRView 5.x and NMRViewJ have a new method of installation. It is our hope that these new "sourceable" versions will allow for fewer conflicts as NMRView is updated.



Each release is not comprehensively tested, please feel free to report any bugs you experience.