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XII. Assemble Fragments


Previously NMRView was only able to place the fragments created by the ‘match clusters’ step into the sequence via the tk_con. Now there is an interface within the NvAssign window that performs all the necessary steps. Simply press the ‘Create Fragments’ button to form fragments of clusters that are believed to be linked. Then press ‘place fragments in sequence’ button to have NMRView determine which fragments belong in which places within the sequence.

Assemble Top

This will create a table in the main window area that contains information about the fragments and their placements. There is a button located to the right of each fragment labeled ‘configure’, this button allows the user to manually change the positioning of the fragment in the sequence of the protein. If a value of -1 is selected the fragment will simply be removed from the sequence. This way fragments can be moved around in the sequence.

Assemble Table

At this point, if PACES or MONTE did the assignment process the data from their results can be read back in. Simply press the applicable button on the menu bar and a dialog box will appear, at which the text file from the appropriate module can be selected.

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