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Analysis of Composition of Microbiomes (ANCOM)

Developed by:

Authors of the software:

R code developed by: Dr. Siddhartha Mandal, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway.

User friendly “shiny” interface developed by: Dr. Casey Jelsema, Research Fellow, Biostatistics and Computational Biology Branch, NIEHS (NIH), RTP, NC 27709, USA.


Increasingly researchers are interested in comparing the taxa abundance in two or more populations to answer a wide range of important questions. For example, one may be interested in comparing the composition (or taxa abundance) of gut microbiome of naturally born babies with C-section or pre-term babies. Similarly, one may be interested in studying how the composition of an infant’s gut microbiome changes with age. The ANCOM methodology developed in Mandal et al. (2015) is designed to answer such questions. In this R package we implement ANCOM for comparing abundance of individual taxa in two or more populations.

Software Info:

For windows users, the .zip file may be downloaded for local installation and mac/linux/unix users may download the .tar.gz file.

Upon downloading the software read the README.First.ANCOM.pdf for details on how to use the software.


Mandal S, Van Treuren W, White RA, Eggesbø M, Knight R, and Peddada SD (2015). Analysis of composition of microbiomes: a novel method for studying microbial composition. Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease, 26, 1 – 7.



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