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IMACS Annual Meeting 2005



Revised: 7-Nov-05


-- A short breakfast meeting is being planned for Sunday November 13, 2005 at 0700 -0900 prior to the American College of Rheumatology meeting in San Diego, California.


-- Location: San Diego Ballroom A, North Tower, Lobby Level, San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina


-- All are invited, including trainees, clinical coordinators and nurses


Final Agenda

1. CARRA JDM Treatment Standards InitiativeDr. Brian Feldman
2. UK JDM Registry and RepositoryDr. Clarissa Pilkington
3. Long-term Outcome of Juvenile IIMDr. Angelo Ravelli
4. NIEHS Twin-Sib Environmental Autoimmunity StudyDr. Frederick Miller
5. Rituximab in Myositis (RIM) TrialDrs. Ann Reed and Chet Oddis
6. Infliximab Trial in Adult Polymyositis and DermatomyositisDr. Paul Plotz
7. Phase II effectiveness trials in new onset JDM (PRINTO)Dr. Nicola Ruperto
8. JDM Diagnostic Criteria StudyDr. Clarissa Pilkington
9. IIM Diagnostic and Classification Criteria StudyDr. Ingrid Lundberg
10. Update on IMACS Website and Database RepositoryDrs. Lisa Rider and Frederick Miller
11. Introducing the Cure JM FoundationShari Hume, Harriet Bollar, and Tom Hume
12. Update from The Myositis AssociationBob Goldberg


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