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Design, Results, and Conclusions


experiment design

Biomarker validation criterion:
A significant effect by oxidative insult should be measured at two doses and at more than one time point.


BOSS Biomarkers

study biomarkers

BOSS Non-Biomarkers

Markers did not meet criteria in all three models

boss nonbiomarkers
boss best biomarker

Misinterpretation of the BOSS best biomarker: F2-isoprostanes

Misinterpretation of the BOSS best biomarker

Distinguishing chemical from enzymatic F2-isoprostanegeneration by 8-iso-PGF/ PGFRatio

Distinguishing chemicals from enzymes

BOSS Major Conclusions

study major conclusions
  • Distinction between chemical and enzymatic lipid peroxidation is essential for the correct interpretation of oxidative stress.
  • Measuring only 8-iso-PGF is no longer sufficient to identify oxidative stress due to confounding generation by prostaglandin synthases.
  • The 8-iso-PGF / PGF ratio distinguishes between F2-isoprostane generation by oxidative stress or inflammation in vitro, in vivo, and in humans.
  • Literature studies identifying oxidative stress by increased 8-iso-PGF alone could have been misinterpreted and therefore require reexamination and most likely new interpretation.