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Timis County, Romania Cohort

Centre University at Albany
Michael S. Bloom
Co-Principal Investigator
Description of cohort 300 pregnancies treated at the Bega Hospital in Timisoara, Romania; 126 newborns delivered at Bega Hospital.
Location of cohort Timis County, Romania
Chemicals/Exposures studied Arsenic
Health or social effects studied Pregnancy loss and birth outcomes
Samples collected Residential drinking water, blood, urine
Questionnaires Demographics, health behaviors, medical history, occupational history, drinking water consumption
Key Findings Pregnant women often exposed to low-moderate arsenic through residential drinking water sources; several ‘hot spots’ of higher level exposure.  Cigarette smokers at increased risk for spontaneous pregnancy loss and for delivery of lighter smaller babies with higher drinking water arsenic, at low-moderate levels of exposure.