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Lead Poisoning and Exposure Cohort

Centre University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Adriana Sosa, M.D.
Description of cohort Recruited 430 children (age 0-18 years) living in Montevideo and followed them for 3 years.
Ages: 0 – 18 yo
Length of time being followed: 3 years.
Location of cohort Montevideo
Chemicals/Exposures studied Lead exposure
Health or social effects studied Lead poisoning
Samples collected Serum
Questionnaires Yes
Key Findings Among the population studied, 46% have BLL above the current reference level (5 µg/dL). Higher levels were found in younger children. Although landfills and gathering of metals were the most frequent source of exposure levels above 20 mcg/dL were associated with paint and e-waste burning – informal recycling.