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Empowering the Public to Tackle Climate Change, Charting a Path for the U.S.
As countries around the world work to curb climate change, there is a growing recognition that an informed and involved society is essential to solving the climate challenge.

Group of school children with teacher and windmill model on field trip in nature.

Hurricanes and Tropical Cyclones Associated With Increased Hospitalization Rates in Older Adults
Hospitalizations of older U.S. adults increased in the week following exposure to tropical cyclones, according to a new study funded by NIEHS.

Hurricane Katrina

Voices from the Field: “Community” in Global Health Research: My Eye-opening Journey From the Wet Lab to the Canadian Arctic
Sappho Gilbert — a doctoral candidate at the Yale School of Public Health and recipient of an NIEHS predoctoral fellowship award — shares her path to Arctic health research.

State of the Global Climate 2020
The World Meteorological Organization State of the Global Climate uses seven Climate Indicators to describe the changing climate—providing a broad view of the climate at a global scale through visuals, reports and StoryMaps.

NIEHS Resources Provide Access to Tools and Publications for Climate and Disaster Research
The Disaster Research Response (DR2) Program launches its new electronic repository of tools and resources.

Grants and Funding
Grants of interest to GEH researchers, including details of the Hubs of Interdisciplinary Research and Training in Global Environmental and Occupational Health (GEOHealth) Research Opportunities!