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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

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GEH Day Draws Links Between Human Health and Global Environmental Change, Emphasizes Solutions

The fourth annual Global Environmental Health (GEH) Day drew connections between global environmental change and human health, highlighting approaches to achieve a healthier, more resilient future.

the challenge: a changing planet, showing 12 different icons for climate challenges across the planet

Study Uses Low-cost Data to Estimate Heat Stress in Direct Sunlight
A new study finds data from local weather stations, NASA NLDAS, and low-cost temperature and humidity sensors, can be used in combination to accurately predict heat stress in direct sunlight.

Image of a temperature monitor at a weather station

The GHHIN Hosts Virtual Masterclass Series on Human Health and Heat

The Global Heat Health Information Network masterclasses sought to expand global capacity to prevent heat-related health events.

Preventing the Next Pandemic - Zoonotic Diseases and How to Break the Chain of Transmission New Report and Video
A new report by UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) considers the root causes of the emergence and spread of COVID-19 and other zoonoses. Zoonoses are diseases that originate in animals and are transferred to humans.

COVID-19 Recovery Plans Should Put Children First, Experts Say
A new commentary from the WHO-UNICEF-Lancet Commission highlights the impacts of COVID-19 on children and calls for putting children at the center of recovery plans.

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