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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

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Collaborative Environmental Health Network Takes Final Steps to Become International Organization

The Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP) took the final steps to incorporate as an independent, international organization in May 2019 so that it can expand its role as an advocate for pollution and health as a development issue in LMICs.

Officials from the Ministries of Health and the Environment

Climate Change-Related Alterations in Spring Onset Timing Linked to Increased Allergic Disease Burden in the US
In a national-scale study, NIEHS-funded researchers linked changes in the timing of spring onset affected by ongoing climate variability, with increased risk of hay fever among U.S. adults.

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NIEHS Postdoctoral Fellow Examines Interactions between Environmental and Social Exposures in Nigeria
Musa Kana, M.D., Ph.D., an African Postdoctoral Training Initiative (APTI) fellow at NIEHS, is investigating how environmental and social factors interact to affect health over the course of the lifespan.

Mosquito Meets MODIS & Landsat: South Dakota Fights West Nile Virus
This video describes how scientists and public health officials in South Dakota developed a way to use environmental data from NASA satellites to forecast the risk of West Nile.

New WHOCC Annual Report
The NIEHS-World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health Sciences is pleased to release its 2017-2018 annual report. The report is the first since NIEHS was redesignated a WHO Collaborating Centre in September 2017.

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Upcoming Events

NEHA 2019 Annual Educational Conference and Exhibition
July 9 - 12, 2019
Nashville, Tennessee

International Society for Environmental Epidemiology
August 25 - 28, 2019
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Water and Health: Where Science Meets Policy
October 7 - 11, 2019
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Triangle Global Health Annual Conference
October 16, 2019
Durham, North Carolina