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New Climate and Health Interactive Graphic and Relaunch of EHP Podcasts

New England Journal of Medicine Climate Crisis Interactive Graphic

The consequences of climate change directly affect human health, the practice of medicine, and the stability of health care systems. The recently released New England Journal of Medicine Interactive Perspective elucidates these effects and some approaches to mitigating them. In this new feature, clinicians will find the climate-related information most relevant to their medical specialty, as well as a broader exploration of this major public health emergency.

EHP Presents Environmental Health Podcasts Relaunched

Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) has recently announced the relaunch of the podcast series “The Researchers Perspective”. This bimonthly podcast features the authors and associate editors behind some of EHP’s most compelling new articles.

EHP interview with Mirek Styblo on Arsenic and Obesity
Listen to the podcast with Mirek Stýblo on arsenic and obesity

In one of the latest podcasts EHP interviewed Mirek Stýblo about a potential connection between arsenic and obesity. His findings showed that exposure to environmentally relevant concentrations of inorganic arsenic (iAs) in drinking water resulted in insulin resistance in wild-type mice when combined with a high-fat diet and low folate intake. The podcast also discusses recent research with similar findings from Chile.

In the coming months, look for podcasts on greenness and mental health, mercury-free artisanal mining, and more. To have these upcoming episodes delivered directly to your device, simply subscribe through Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, or other podcast platforms.