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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

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Lancet Reports Highlight Environmental Impacts and Exposures

Two new reports published in The Lancet provide insights on the global environment and its potential effects on the health of world populations.

Lancet Countdown

New Microclimate Data Technology Points to Increased Urban Temperatures

Using a new “micro-climate” data collection tool to capture temperature data in Kenya, a research team found neighborhood variations in temperature that could have important implications for health.

Julia Gohlke

Doctoral Fellow Examines Cookstove Adoption in Peru

Kendra Williams, a Fogarty International Center Global Health Fellow, is working to better understand barriers and motivators of using clean cookstoves among women in Puno, Peru.

Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Health in India
In the first of a two-part podcast series, GEH Chat takes a look at how innovative partnerships and community engagement approaches are helping to build capacity and empower communities in India to take active roles in addressing their environmental and health concerns.

Southeast Asia Meetings Advance Training and Capacity Building Across the Globe

NIEHS staff recently made progress to advance training and capacity building globally, convening and attending conferences in November throughout India.

Grants and Funding

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Japan

International Research Scientist Development Award (IRSDA)

Chronic, Noncommunicable Diseases and Disorders Research Training

Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health (R03)

Upcoming Events

American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting
January 7 – 11, 2018
AMS 98th Annual Meeting: Transforming Communication in the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise

Triangle Global Health Career Day
January 19, 2018
2018 Triangle Global Health Career Day

Society of Toxicology 2018
March 11 – 15, 2018
SOT 57th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo

Consortium of Universities for Global Health Annual Conference
March 15 – 18, 2018
2018 Annual CUGH Conference: Health Disparities: A Time for Action

Global Health & Innovation Conference
April 14 – 15, 2018
2018 Global Health & Innovation Conference