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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

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  • WHO Guidance to Protect Health from Climate Change Through Health Adaptation Planning
    Published following the World Health Organization (WHO) Climate and Health Summit in 2014, new guidance from WHO aims to ensure the health sector works with partners and communities to develop health adaptation plans and goals for building climate resilience.
  • WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality
    WHO recently released updated indoor air quality guidelines, focusing on household fuel combustion.  The new guidelines include material for policy makers, recommendations and best practices and address the importance of community action and assessment.
  • WHO Chemical Risk Assessment Network Newsletter
    The WHO Chemical Risk Assessment Network, an initiative that aims to improve chemical risk assessment around the world, recently released a network update via newsletter. The update includes details of the recent network meeting and network activities that are being planned.
  • Climate Change: Interface with Human Health
    A recent podcast with NIEHS Senior Advisor for Public Health Dr. John Balbus explores the health impacts of climate change.
  • Primary Protection: Enhancing Health Care Resilience for a Changing Climate
    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), working in a public-private partnership with the health care industry, has developed a guide that describes best practices for developing sustainable and climate-resilient hospitals. This best practices document is part of HHS’s Sustainable and Climate Resilient Health Care Facilities Initiative and the President’s Climate Action Plan.