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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

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  • What the United States Has to Gain from Global Health Research
    Director of Fogarty International Center, Dr. Roger Glass, discusses what the US has to gain from its leadership role in global health research.
  • NIH and Global Health Funding
    Q&A with Dr. Sally Rockey, NIH Deputy Director for extramural research, on why NIH funds global health research and advice for foreign applicants
  • New NIH Global Health Funding Tool: World Report
    Hosted by the NIH, World Report is an illustrative mapping database system designed to facilitate communication and coordination of biomedical research funded by major government agencies and philanthropic organizations around the world.
  • Climate Extremes, Regional Impacts, and the Case for Resilience
    According to the World Bank, without tackling climate change, it will not be possible to end extreme global poverty by 2030. This report highlights the scenarios that the world could face by the end of the century if concerted action is not taken now.
  • Infographic on Heat Extremes and Regional Impacts
    Commissioned by the World Bank, this infographic is part of the report “Turn Down the Heat,” and highlights how rising temperatures due to climate change will affect 3 most vulnerable regions of the world- Sub Saharan Africa, South Asia, and South East Asia.
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    Cooking, Not Killing
    Indoor air pollution is a major health risk in the developing world. Exposure to smoke from traditional means of cooking over open fires causes 1.9 million premature deaths annually, with women and children being most vulnerable. The use of clean cook stoves can help clean the air and alleviate this problem.