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Your Environment. Your Health.

Dan Morgan, Ph.D.

General Toxicology and Cancer Group

Daniel L. Morgan, Ph.D., D.A.B.T.
Dan Morgan, Ph.D.
Tel 984-287-3163
P.O. Box 12233
Mail Drop K2-12
Durham, N.C. 27709

Daniel Morgan, Ph.D., DABT manages and participates in multidisciplinary teams of NIEHS/NTP scientists to develop research programs to address a broad array of toxicological study needs for chemicals selected for study by the NTP. This includes the design, analysis, interpretation, and integration of carcinogenicity, reproductive and developmental, genetic, and general toxicology studies. These research programs serve to identify hazards associated with chemical exposure and increase our understanding of the interaction between chemical exposure and the development of disease. Study results are published as NTP Technical Reports and peer-reviewed research papers in scientific journals and provide critical data for use in risk assessment for human exposure. Morgan also serves as the NTP’s senior discipline expert in respiratory toxicology. His research interests focus on the biochemical and molecular mechanisms of inhaled environmental toxicants. Morgan is currently project leader for NTP studies of artificial butter flavorings, multiwalled carbon nanotubes, and alkylbenzenes.

Morgan received a B.A. in microbiology and biology in 1975, and a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology in 1982 from the University of Kansas. He completed postdoctoral training in toxicology at the Comprehensive Cancer Center, Duke University Medical Center prior to joining the NIEHS in 1988.

Selected Publications

  1. Roberts, G.K., Willson, C.J., Olivera, D.S., Malarkey, D.E., and Morgan, D.L. Comparative inhalation toxicity of ethyltoluene isomers in rats and mice. Inhal. Toxicol. 29, 577-585, 2018. [Abstract] 
  2. Jokinen, M.P., Morgan, D.L., Price, H.C., Herbert, R.A., Saddler, T., Dixon, D. Immunohistochemical characterization of sarcomas in Trp53+/- haploinsufficient mice. Toxicol. Pathol. 45(6), 774-785, 2017. [Abstract] 
  3. Gwinn, W.M., Flake, G.P., Bousquet, R. Taylor, G, and Morgan, D.L. Airway injury in an in vitro human epithelium-fibroblast model of diacetyl vapor exposure: diacetyl-induced basal/suprabasal spongiosis. Inhal. Tox. 29(7), 310-321, 2017. [Abstract] 
  4. Brass, D.M., Gwinn, W.M., Valente, A.M., Kelly, F.L., Brinkley, C.D., Nagler, A.E., Moseley, M.A., Morgan, D.L., Palmer, S.M, and Foster, M.W. The diacetyl-exposed human airway epithelial secretome: New insights into flavoring-induced airways disease. Am. J. Resp. Cell Molec. Biol. 56(6), 784-795, 2017. [Abstract] 
  5. Foster, MW., Gwinn, W.M., Kelly, F.L., Brass, D.M., Valente, A.M., Moseley, M.A., Thompson, J.W., Morgan, D.L. and Palmer, S.M. Proteomic analysis of primary human airway epithelial cells exposed to the respiratory toxicant diacetyl. J. Prot. Res. 16, 538-549, 2017. [Abstract] 
  6. Dunnick, J.K., Morgan, D.L., Elmore, S.A., Gerrish, K., Pandiri, A., Ton, T.V., Shockley, K.R., and Merrick, B.A. Tetrabromobisphenol A activates the hepatic interferon pathway in rats. Tox. Lett. 266, 32-41, 2017. [Abstract] 
  7. Flake, G.P. and Morgan, D.L. Pathology of Diacetyl and 2,3-Pentanedione Airway Lesions in a Rat Model of Obliterative Bronchiolitis. Toxicol. 388, 40-47, 2017. [Abstract] 
  8. Dunnick, J., Shockley, K.R., Morgan, D.L., Brix, A., Gerrish, K., Sanders, J.M., Ton, T.V., Pandiri, A. Hepatic transcriptomic alterations and bench mark dose analysis for N,N-dimethyl-p-toluidine (DMPT) and p-toluidine after 5-day exposure in rats. Arch. Toxicol. 91(4),1685-96, 2017. [Abstract] 
  9. Ryan, K.R., Cesta, M., Herbert, R., Toraason, M., Brix, A., Cora, M., Witt, K., Kissling, G.E., and Morgan, D.L. Comparative Pulmonary Toxicity of Inhaled Metalworking Fluids in Rats and Mice. Tox. Ind. Health. 33(5), 385-405, 2017. [Abstract] 
  10. Dunnick, J.K., Merrick, B.A., Brix, A., Morgan, D.L., Gerrish, K., Wang, Y., Flake, G., Foley, J., Shockley, K.R. Molecular changes in the nasal cavity after N,N-Dimethyl-p-toluidine exposure. Toxicol. Path. 44(6), 835-847, 2016. [Abstract]
  11. Morgan, D.L., Jokinen, M.P., Johnson, C.L., Price, H.C., Gwinn, W.M., Bousquet, R.W. and Flake, G.P. Chemical reactivity and respiratory toxicity of the alpha-diketone flavoring agents: 2,3-butanedione, 2,3-pentanedione and 2,3-hexanedione. Toxicol. Path. 44(5):763-783, 2016. [Abstract]
  12. Churchill, S.R., Morgan, D.L., Kissling, G.E., Travlos, G.S., and King-Herbert, A.P. Impact of environmental enrichment devices on NTP in vivo studies. Toxicol. Path. 44(2):233-45, 2016. [Abstract] 
  13. Morgan, D.L., Merrick, B.A., Gerrish, K.E., Stockton, P.S., Wang, Y., Foley, J.F., Gwinn, W.M., Kelly, F.L., Palmer, S.M., Ton, T.T. and Flake, G.P. Gene expression in obliterative bronchiolitis-like lesions in 2,3-pentanedione-exposed rats. PLoS One 10 (2), 2015. [Abstract] 
  14. Fennel, T.R., Morgan, D.L., Watson, S.L., Dhungana, S., Waidyanatha, S. Systemic uptake, albumin and hemoglobin binding of [14C]2,3-butanedione administered by intratracheal instillation in male Harlan Sprague Dawley rats and oropharyngeal aspiration in male B6C3F1/N mice. Chem-Biol. Interact. 227, 112-119, 2015. [Abstract]
  15. Gwinn, W.M., Wei Qu, Bousquet, R.W., Price, H.C., Shines, C.J., Taylor, G.J., Waalkes, M.P., and Morgan, D.L. Macrophage solubilization and cytotoxicity of indium-containing particles as in vitro correlates to pulmonary toxicity in vivo. Tox. Sci. 135(2), 414–424 2013. [Abstract]
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