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Selected Publications

General Toxicology and Cancer Group

  1. Gray LE Jr., Furr J, Tatum-Gibbs KR, Lambright C, Sampson H, Hannas BR, Wilson VS, Hotchkiss A, Foster PMD. Establishing the "Biological Relevance" of Dipentyl Phthalate Reductions in Fetal Rat Testosterone Production and Plasma and Testis Testosterone Levels. Toxicological sciences: an official journal of the Society of Toxicology 2016 149(1):178-191. [Abstract]
  2. Nakamura N, Inselman AL, White GA, Chang CW, Trbojevich RA, Sephr E, Voris KL, Patton RE, Bryant MS, Harrouk W, McIntyre BS, Foster PM, Hansen DK. Effects of maternal and lactational exposure to 2-hydroxy-4-methoxybenzone on development and reproductive organs in male and female rat offspring. Birth defects research. Part B, Developmental and reproductive toxicology 2015 104(1):35-51. [Abstract]
  3. Beverley BEJ, Lambright CS, Furr JR, Sampson H, Wilson VS, McIntyre BS, Foster PMD, Travlos G, Gray LE. Simvastatin and dipentyl phthalate lower ex vivo testicular testosterone production and exhibit additive effects on testicular testosterone and gene expression via distinct mechanistic pathways in the fetal rat.. Toxicological sciences: an official journal of the Society of Toxicology 2014 141(2):524-537. [Abstract]
  4. Ramot Y, Vered M, Malarkey DE, Hooth MJ, Painter JT, Dayan D, Clayton N, Masinde T, Nyska A. Immunohistochemical features of 3,3',4,4'-tetrachloroazobenzene-induced rat gingival lesions. Toxicologic pathology 2012 40(4):577-92. [Abstract]
  5. Cheng Y, Martinez-Guerrero LJ, Wright SH, Kuester RK, Hooth MJ, Sipes GI. Characterization of the inhibitory effects of N-butylpyridinium chloride and structurally related ionic liquids on organic cation transporters 1/2 and human toxic extrusion transporters 1/2-k in vitro and in vivo. Drug Metabolism and Disposition. 2011 39(9):1755-1761. [Abstract]  
  6. Collins BJ, Stout MD, Levine KE, Kissling GE, Melnick RL, Fennell TR, Abdo K, Pritchard JB, Walden R, Fernando RA, Burka LT, Hooth MJ. Hexavalent chromium in drinking water, reply. Toxicological Sciences. 2011 119(2):425-. [Abstract]  
  7. Singh BP, Nyska A, Kissling GE, Lieuallen W, Johansson SL, Malarkey DE, Hooth MJ. Urethral carcinoma and hyperplasia in male and female B6C3F1 mice treated with 3,3',4,4'-tetrachloroazobenzene (TCAB). Toxicologic pathology. 2010 38(3):372-381. [Abstract]  
  8. Ramot Y, Nyska A, Lieuallen W, Maly A, Flake G, Kissling G, Brix A, Malarkey D, Hooth M. Inflammatory and chloracne-like skin lesions in B6C3F1 mice exposed to tetrachloroazobenzene(TCAB)for 2 years. Toxicology. 2009 265(1-2):1-9. [Abstract]  
  9. Cheng Y, Wright SH, Hooth MJ, Sipes IG. Characterization of the disposition and toxicokinetics of N-butylpyridinium chloride in male F-344 rats and female B6C3F1 mice and its transport by organic cation transporter 2. Drug metabolism and disposition: the biological fate of chemicals. 2009 37(4):909-916. [Abstract]  
  10. Stout MD, Nyska A, Collins BJ, Witt KL, Kissling GE, Malarkey DE, Hooth MJ. Chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity studies of chromium picolinate monohydrate administered in feed to F344/N rats and B6C3F1 mice for 2 years. Food and chemical toxicology. 2009 47(4):729-733. [Abstract]  
  11. McDorman KS, Chandra S, Hooth MJ, Hester SD, Schoonhoven R, Wolf DC. Induction of transitional cell hyperplasia in the urinary bladder and aberrant crypt foci in the colon of rats treated with individual and a mixture of drinking water disinfection by-products. Toxicol Pathol. 2003 Mar-Apr;31(2):235-42. [Abstract]  
  12. McDorman KS, Hooth MJ, Starr TB, Wolf DC. Analysis of preneoplastic and neoplastic renal lesions in Tsc2 mutant Long-Evans (Eker) rats following exposure to a mixture of drinking water disinfection by-products. Toxicology. 2003 May 1;187(1):1-12. [Abstract]  
  13. Hooth MJ, McDorman KS, Hester SD, George MH, Brooks LR, Swank AE, Wolf DC. The carcinogenic response of Tsc2 mutant Long-Evans (Eker) rats to a mixture of drinking water disinfection by-products was less than additive. Toxicol Sci. 2002 Oct;69(2):322-31. [Abstract]  
  14. Shiao YH, Kamata SI, Li LM, Hooth MJ, DeAngelo AB, Anderson LM, Wolf DC. Mutations in the VHL gene from potassium bromate-induced rat clear cell renal tumors. Cancer Lett. 2002 Dec 10;187(1-2):207-14. [Abstract]  
  15. Hooth MJ, DeAngelo AB, George MH, Wolf DC, Boorman GA. Sodium chlorate treatment results in a dose-dependent increase in rat thyroid follicular cell hyperplasia after subchronic exposure in drinking water. In : Microbial Pathogens and Disinfection By-Products in Drinking Water: Health Effects and Management of Risks. Craun, G.F., Hauchman, F.S., and Robinson, D.E. (eds.) ILSI Press, Washington, DC. 2001 p. 581-585.  
  16.   Hooth MJ, Deangelo AB, George MH, Gaillard ET, Travlos GS, Boorman GA, Wolf DC. Subchronic sodium chlorate exposure in drinking water results in a concentration-dependent increase in rat thyroid follicular cell hyperplasia. Toxicol Pathol. 2001 Mar-Apr;29(2):250-9. [Abstract]  
  17.   Golubovskaya VM, Filatov LV, Behe CI, Presnell SC, Hooth MJ, Smith GJ, Kaufmann WK. Telomere shortening, telomerase expression, and chromosome instability in rat hepatic epithelial stem-like cells. Mol Carcinog. 1999 Mar;24(3):209-17. [Abstract]  
  18.   Hooth MJ, Coleman WB, Presnell SC, Borchert KM, Grisham JW, Smith GJ. Spontaneous neoplastic transformation of WB-F344 rat liver epithelial cells. The American Journal of Pathology. 1998 153:1913-1921. [Abstract]  
  19. Presnell SC, Hooth MJ, Borchert KM, Coleman WB, Grisham JW, Smith GJ. Establishment of a functional hepatocyte growth factor/c-met autocrine loop in spontaneous transformants of WB-F344 rat liver stem-like cells. Hepatology. 1998 28:1253-1259. [Abstract]  
  20. Hooth MJ, Vincent JL, Coleman WB, Presnell SC, Grisham JW, Smith GJ. Genomic fluidity is a necessary event preceding the acquisition of tumorigenicity during spontaneous neoplastic transformation of WB-F344 rat liver epithelial cells. Hepatology. 1998 28:78-85. [Abstract]  
  21. Golubovskaya VM, Presnell SC, Hooth MJ, Smith GJ, Kaufmann WK. Expression of telomerase in normal and malignant rat hepatic epithelia. Oncogene. 1997 14: 1233-1240. [Abstract]  
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