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Jennifer M. Fostel, Ph.D.

Jennifer Fostel
Jennifer M. Fostel, Ph.D.
CEBS Scientific Administrator
Tel 919-257-8303
1534 Waltham Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Jennifer M. Fostel, Ph.D. is a biochemist in the Information and Data Management Workgroup of the Program Operations Branch.  She serves as project officer on two National Toxicology Program (NTP) database contracts.  She has more than 20 years of experience in for-profit and government sectors generating, managing and analyzing high-dimensional data.

Fostel is interested in leveraging the data-rich environment of the NTP to support cross-study meta-analysis of existing data to identify novel relationships and biological effects.  Additionally, Fostel works with international committees to ensure interoperability of data and consistent standards for exchange of data.

Fostel received a B.S. in mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1976 and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Duke University in 1990.

Selected Publications

  1. Brinkman RR, Courtot M, Derom D, Fostel JM, He Y, Lord P, Malone J, Parkinson H, Peters B, Rocca-Serra P, Ruttenberg A, Sansone SA, Soldatova LN, Stoeckert CJ Jr, Turner JA, Zheng J. 2010. OBI consortium. Modeling biomedical experimental processes with OBI. J Biomed Semantics Jun 22;1 Suppl 1:S7. [Abstract]
  2. Fostel JM. 2008. Towards standards for data exchange and integration and their impact on a public database such as CEBS (Chemical Effects in Biological Systems). Toxicol Applied Pharmacol 15;233(1):54-62. [Abstract]
  3. Waters M, Stasiewicz S, Merrick BA, Tomer K, Bushel P, Paules R, Stegman N, Nehls G, Yost KJ, Johnson CH, Gustafson SF, Xirasagar S, Xiao N, Huang CC, Boyer P, Chan DD, Pan Q, Gong H, Taylor J, Choi D, Rashid A, Ahmed A, Howle R, Selkirk J, Tennant R, Fostel J.  2007. CEBS--Chemical Effects in Biological Systems: a public data repository integrating study design and toxicity data with microarray and proteomics data. Nucleic Acids Res Jan;36(Database issue):D892-900. [Abstract]
  4. Fostel JM, Burgoon L, Zwickl C, Lord P, Corton JC, Bushel PR, Cunningham M, Fan L, Edwards SW, Hester S, Stevens J, Tong W, Waters M, Yang C, Tennant R. 2007. Toward a checklist for exchange and interpretation of data from a toxicology study. Toxicol Sci 99(1):26-34. [Abstract]
  5. Fostel JM. 2007. Future of toxicogenomics and safety signatures: balancing public access to data with proprietary drug discovery. Pharmacogenomics 8(5):425-30. [Abstract]
  6. Fostel J, Choi D, Zwickl C, Morrison N, Rashid A, Hasan A, Bao W, Richard A, Tong  W, Bushel PR, Brown R, Bruno M, Cunningham ML, Dix D, Eastin W, Frade C, Garcia A, Heinloth A, Irwin R, Madenspacher J, Merrick BA, Papoian T, Paules R, Rocca-Serra P, Sansone AS, Stevens J, Tomer K, Yang C, Waters M. 2005. Chemical Effects in Biological Systems - Data Dictionary (CEBS-DD): A compendium of terms for the capture and integration of biological study design description, conventional phenotypes and 'omics data. Toxicological Sciences 88(2):585-601. [Abstract]
  7. Waters MD, Fostel JM. 2004. Toxicogenomics and systems toxicology: aims and prospects. Nature Reviews Genet 5(12):936-48. [Abstract]
  8. Bammert GF, Fostel JM. 2000. Genome-wide expression patterns in Saccharomyces cerevisiae:  Comparison of drug treatments and genetic alterations affecting biosynthesis of ergosterol. Antimicrob Agents and Chemother May;44(5):1255-65. [Abstract]  
  9. Fostel JM, Lartey PA. 2000. Emerging novel antifungal agents. Drug Discov Today Jan 5(1): 25-32. [Abstract]
  10. Fostel JM. DNA Topoisomerases: Targets for antifungal drug discovery. ASM News, 61,168 72, 1995.
  11. Pardue ML, Fostel JM, Cech TR. 1984. DNA protein interactions in the drosophila virilis mitochondrial genome. Nucleic Acids Res 12,(4): 1991 99. [Abstract]
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