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Scientists & Staff

Predictive Toxicology and Screening Group

Michael DeVito, Ph.D.
Michael J. Devito, Ph.D.
Acting Chief, National Toxicology Program Laboratory
Group Leader, Predictive Toxicology and Screening Group
111 T W Alexander Dr
Rall Building
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Tel 984-287-4215
David Crizer
David M. Crizer
Fellow — IRTA Postdoctoral

Tel 984-287-4221
Paul Dunlap
Paul E. Dunlap

Tel 984-287-4222
William M. Gwinn, Ph.D.
William M. Gwinn, Ph.D.

Tel 984-287-4216
Julie Rice
Julie R. Rice

Tel 984-287-4223
Marianna Rosentsvit
Marianna Rosentsvit, Ph.D.
Fellow — Visiting

Tel 984-287-4473
Wei Qu, Ph.D.
Wei Qu, Ph.D.

Tel 984-287-4172
Nancy Urbano
Nancy C. Urbano
Fellow — IRTA Postbaccalaureate

Tel 984-287-4224


Windy Boyd, Ph.D
Windy A. Boyd, Ph.D.
Health Scientist

Tel 984-287-3115
Stephen Ferguson, Ph.D.
Stephen Ferguson, Ph.D.

Tel 984-287-3128
Katelyn Lavrich
Katelyn S. Lavrich
Fellow — IRTA Postdoctoral

Tel 984-287-3197
B. Alex Merrick, Ph.D.
B A. Merrick, Ph.D.
Molecular Toxicologist, Group Leader

Tel 984-287-3161
Sreenivasa Ramaiahgari, Ph.D.
Sreenivasa Ramaiahgari, Ph.D.

Tel 984-287-3173
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