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2012-2013 LST Seminar Series

October 1Agnes JanoshaziNIEHS / LSTShears"Chemotaxis: Cell Mobility and Tracking"
October 8   Columbus Day
October 15Scott WilliamsNIEHS / LSBShears"Cleaning Up to Make (DNA) Ends Meet -..."
October 22Mohamed TrebakAlbany Medical CollegePutney"ORAI3 Calcium Channel: The Silent ORAI?"
October 29Jim PutneyNIEHS / LSTShears"Store-Operated Calcium Channels: Blood, Sweat and Tears (and bones)"
November 5Leonidas TsiokasUniversity of OklahomaPutney"Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry Channels in Osteoclasts"
November 12   Veterans Day
November 20Roberto ZoncuWhitehead InstituteSpecial Seminar"The Lysosome in Nutrient Sensing and Growth Control"
November 26Vytas BankaitisTexas A&MShears 
November 28John AlbeckHarvard Medical SchoolSpecial Seminar“Modeling the Logic of EGFR-ERK Signaling with Live-Cell Imaging Data"
December 3Dave ArmstrongNIEHS / LNShears“Thyroid Hormone Signaling Through the Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase is Essential  for Mouse Brain Development”
December 10John SondekUNC Chapel HillShears"Unifying Principles for Understanding the Regulation of Phospholipase C Isozymes by G Proteins, GTPases, and Tyrosine Kinases.”
December 17   Christmas / New Year Holiday Season
December 24   Christmas / New Year Holiday Season
December 31   Christmas / New Year Holiday Season
January 7Ben MajorUNC Chapel HillBusillo"Mechanisms Driving NRF2 Activity in Lung Cancer"
January 14Steve ShearsNIEHS / LSTCidlowski"Do Inositol Pyrophosphates Operate at the Crossroads of Cell-Signaling and Metabolic Control"
January 21   Martin Luther King
January 28Yue XiongUNC Chapel HillShears"A novel Mitotic Checkpoint Pathway in Development and  Tumor Suppression"
February 4Xiaoling LiNIEHS / LSTShears"SIRT1, Bile Acid Metabolism, and Cholesterol Gallstone Disease"
February 11Robert OakleyNIEHS / LSTShears"New Roles for Glucocorticoid Receptors in Health and Disease"
February 18   Washington’s Birthday
February 25Michael BoyceDuke UniversityShears"Chemical Approaches to Understanding Intracellular Protein Glycosylation"
March 4    
March 11Pauline K. LundUNC Chael HillLi"Intestinal Stem Cells in Injury, Obesity and Intestinal Inflammation"
March 18   Scheduling Conflict - Currently Not Available
March 25Vann BennettDuke UniversityBlackshear“Cell Biology meets Physiology: Ankyrin Adaptors in Health and Disease”
April 1Rick WoychikNIEHS / ODBlackshear“Exploring the Genetic and Epigenetic Landscapes Associated with Environmental Exposures”
April 8Sally KornbluthDuke University School of MedicineShears“Resistance to Tyrosine Kinase-Targeted Cancer Therapies"
April 15   Postponed
April 22Tish MurphyNHLBICidlowski“What makes mitochondria a killer? Can we condition them to be less destructive?”
April 29Mikishiba KatsuhikoRiken Brain Science Institute (Japan)Putney“IP3 Receptor: Structural Analysis and Role in Setting the Trajectory of Cell Signaling”
May 6Huanchen WangNIEHS / LSTShears“Structural Basis for Catalytic Versatility of Inositol Phosphate Kinases”
May 13Perry BlackshearNIEHS / LSTShears 
May 20John CidlowskiNIEHS / LST "Battle Apoptosis featuring AVD vs RVI: A Fight to the Death"
May 27   Memorial Day

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