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Selected Publications

NTP Laboratory Animal Medicine Group

  1. Tubbs JT, Kissling GE, Travlos GS, Goulding DR, Clark JA, King-Herbert AP, Blankenship-Paris TL. Effects of buprenorphine, meloxicam, and flunixin meglumine as postoperative analgesia in mice. Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, 50(2):185-191, 2011. [Abstract]  
  2. Cannon CZ, Kissling GE, Goulding DR, King-Herbert AP, Blankenship-Paris T. Comparison of Analgesia Effects of Tramadol, Carprofen, or Multimodal Analgesia in Rats Undergoing Ventral Laparotomy. Lab animal 40(3):85-93, 2011. [Abstract]  
  3. King-Herbert A, Sills RC, Bucher JR. 2010. Commentary: update on animal models for NTP studies. Toxicol Pathol. 38(1):180-1. [Abstract]
  4. Cannon CZ, Kissling G, Hoenerhoff MJ, King-Herbert A, Blankenship-Paris T. Evaluation of dosages and routes of administration of tramadol analgesia in rats using hot-plate and tail-flick tests. Lab animal 39(11):342-351, 2010. [Abstract]  
  5. King-Herbert A, Thayer K. "NTP workshop: animal models for the NTP rodent cancer bioassay: stocks and strains--should we switch?" Toxicol Pathol 34(6):802-5, 2006.  [Abstract]  
  6. Hickman, D., King-Herbert, A., Murphy, S. "The Laboratory Animal Boards Study Group: A Multifaceted Tool for Preparation for the American College for Laboratory Medicine Board Examination." JAALAS 45:33-39, 2006.  [Abstract]  
  7. Hamm, T. E., Jr., King-Herbert, A., and Vasbinder, M.A.: "The Rat in Toxicology", Chapter 27, pp 803-816, in The Laboratory Rat, M. A. Suckow, S. H. Weisbroth, and C. L. Franklin editors, Elsevier, New York, 2006.
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