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Selected Publications

Clinical Pathology Group

  1. Bennett WD, Ivins S, Alexis NE, Wu J, Bromberg PA, Travlos G, Brar SS, London SJ. Effect Of Obesity On Acute Ozone-Induced Changes In Airway Function, Reactivity, And Inflammation In Adult Females. PloS one 2016 Aug 11;11(8):e0160030 [Abstract]
  2. Wang Y, Cupul-Uicab LA, Rogan WJ, Hoppin JA, Eggesbo M, Travlos G, Wilson R, Skjaerven R, Longnecker MP. Recreational Exercise Before and During Pregnancy in Relation to Plasma C-Reactive Protein Concentrations in Pregnant Women. Journal of physical activity & health 2015 12(6):770-775. [Abstract]
  3. Cora MC, Kooistra L, Travlos G. Vaginal Cytology of the Laboratory Rat and Mouse: Review and Criteria for the Staging of the Estrous Cycle Using Stained Vaginal Smears. Toxicologic pathology 2015 43(6):776-793. [Abstract]
  4. Rider CV, Nyska AN, Cora MC, Kissling GE, Smith C, Travlos GS, Hejtmancik MR, Kooistra L, Morrison JP, Chan PC. Toxicity and carcinogenicity studies of Ginkgo biloba extract in rat and mouse: liver, thyroid, and nose are targets. Toxicologic pathology 2014 42(5):830-843. [Abstract]
  5. Dunnick JK, Brix A, Sanders JM, Travlos GS. N,N-dimethyl-p-toluidine, a component in dental materials, causes hematologic toxic and carcinogenic responses in rodent model systems. Toxicologic pathology 2014 42(3):603-615. [Abstract]
  6. Harry G J, Hooth M J, Vallant M, Behl M, Travlos G S, Howard J L, Price C J, McBride S, Mervis R, Mouton PR. Developmental neurotoxicity of 3,3',4,4'-tetrachloroazobenzene with thyroxine deficit: sensitivity of glial and dentate granule neurons in the absence of behavioral changes. Toxics. 2014 2:496-532.
  7. Chernoff N, Rogers EH, Zehr RD, Gage MI, Travlos GS, Malarkey DE, Brix A, Schmid JE, Hill D. The course of toxicity in the pregnant mouse after exposure to the cyanobacterial toxic cylindrospermopsin: clinical effects, serum chemistries, hematology, and histopathology. J Toxicol Environ Health A. 2014 77(17):1040-60. [Abstract]
  8. Beverly BE, Lambright CS, Furr JR, Sampson H, Wilson VS, McIntyre BS, Foster PM, Travlos G, and Gray Jr LE. Simvastatin and dipentyl phthalate lower ex vivo testicular testosterone production and exhibit additive effects on testicular testosterone and gene expression via distinct mechanistic pathways in the fetal rat. Toxicol. Sci. 2014  141(2):524-537. [Abstract]
  9. Starling AP, Engel SM, Richardson DB, Baird DD, Haug LS, Stuebe AM, Klungsøyr K, Harmon Q, Becher G, Thomsen C, Sabaredzovic A, Eggesbø M, Hoppin JA, Travlos GS, Wilson RE, Trogstad LI, Magnus P, Longnecker MP. Perfluoroalkyl substances during pregnancy and validated preeclampsia among nulliparous women in the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study. American journal of epidemiology 2014 179(7):824-833. [Abstract]
  10. Morken NH, Travlos GS, Wilson RE, Eggesbo M, Longnecker MP. Maternal glomerular filtration rate in pregnancy and fetal size. PloS one 2014 9(7):e101897-. [Abstract]
  11. Whitworth KW, Bornman RM, Archer JI, Kudumu MO, Travlos GS, Wilson RE, Longnecker MP. Predictors of plasma DDT and DDE concentrations among women exposed to indoor residual spraying for malaria control in the South African Study of Women and Babies (SOWB). Environmental health perspectives 2014 122(6):545-552. [Abstract]
  12. Starling AP, Engel SM, Whitworth KW, Richardson DB, Stuebe AM, Daniels JL, Haug LS, Eggesbø M, Becher G, Sabaredzovic A, Thomsen C, Wilson RE, Travlos GS, Hoppin JA, Baird DD, Longnecker MP. Perfluoroalkyl substances and lipid concentrations in plasma during pregnancy among women in the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study. Environment international 62(January):104-112, 2014. [Abstract]
  13. Wang Y, Starling AP, Huag LS, Eggesbo M, Becher G, Thomsen C, Travlos G, King D, Hoppin JA, Rogan WJ, Longnecker MP. Association between perfluoroalkyl substances and thyroid stimulating hormone among pregnant women: a cross-sectional study. Environmental health: a global access science source 2013 12(1):76-. [Abstract]
  14. Thakur SA, Flake GP, Travlos GS, Dill JA, Grumbein SL, Harbo SJ, Hooth MJ. Evaluation of propargyl alcohol toxicity and carcinogenicity in F344/N rats and B6C3F1/N mice following whole-body inhalation exposure. Toxicology 2013 314(1):100-111. [Abstract]
  15. Witt KL, Stout MD, Herbert RA, Travlos GS, Kissling GE, Collins BJ, Hooth MJ. (2013) Mechanistic Insights from the NTP Studies of Chromium. Toxicologic pathology 41(2):326-342. [Abstract]
  16. Humble MM, Young MJ, Foley JF, Pandiri AR, Travlos GS, Copeland WC. 2013. Polg2 is essential for mammalian embryogenesis and is required for mtDNA maintenance. Human molecular genetics. 22(5):1017-1025.  [Abstract]
  17. Cora MC, King D, Betz LJ, Wilson R, Travlos GS. Artifactual Changes in Sprague-Dawley Rat Hematologic Parameters after Storage of Samples at 3 °C and 21 °C. Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science 2012 51(5):616-21. [Abstract]
  18. Cupul-Uicab LA, Skjaerven R, Haug K, Travlos GS, Wilson RE, Eggesbø M, Hoppin JA, Whitworth KW, Longnecker MP. Exposure to tobacco smoke in utero and dyslipidemia among adult women in The Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort (MoBa). Environmental health perspectives. 120(11):1532-7, 2012. [Abstract]
  19. Cunningham ML, Collins BJ, Hejtmancik MR, Herbert RA, Travlos GS, Vallant MK, Stout MD. Effects of the PPAR[alpha] Agonist and Widely Used Antihyperlipidemic Drug Gemfibrozil on Hepatic Toxicity and Lipid Metabolism. PPAR research 2012:681963, 2012. [Abstract]
  20. Boorman G, Crabbs T, Kolenda-Roberts H, Latimer K, Miller AD, Muravnick KB, Nyska A, Ochoa R, Pardo ID, Ramot Y, Rao DB, Schuh J, Suttie A, Travlos GS, Ward JM, Wolf JC, Elmore SA. Proceedings of the 2011 National Toxicology Program Satellite Symposium. Toxicologic Pathology 40(2):321-44, 2012. [Abstract]
  21. Whitworth KW, Haug LS, Baird DD, Becher G, Hoppin JA, Skjaerven R, Thomsen C, Eggesbo M, Travlos G, Wilson R, Cupul-Uicab LA, Brantsaeter AL, Longnecker MP. Perfluorinated Compounds in Relation to Birth Weight in the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study. American journal of epidemiology  175(12):1209-1216, 2012. [Abstract]
  22. Chan PC, Peckham JC, Malarkey DE, Kissling GE, Travlos GS, Fu PP. Two-Year Toxicity and Carcinogenicity Studies of Panax Ginseng in Fisher 344 Rats and B6C3F1 Mice. The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, 39(4):779-788, 2011. [Abstract]  
  23. Tubbs JT, Kissling GE, Travlos GS, Goulding DR, Clark JA, King-Herbert AP, Blankenship-Paris TL. Effects of buprenorphine, meloxicam, and flunixin meglumine as postoperative analgesia in mice. Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, 50(2):185-191, 2011. [Abstract]  
  24. Bach U, Hailey J, Hill G, Kaufmann W , Latimer KS, Malarkey DE, Maronpot RM, Miller RA, Moore RR, Morrison JP , Nolte T, Rinke M, Rittinghausen S, Suttie AW, Travlos GS, Vahle JL, Willson GA , Elmore SA. Proceedings of the 2009 NTP satellite symposium. Toxicologic pathology 2010 38(1):9-36. [Abstract]
  25. Chan PC, Ramot Y, Malarkey DE, Blackshear P, Kissling GE, Travlos G, Nyska A. Fourteen-week toxicity study of green tea extract in rats and mice. Toxicologic Pathology 38(7):1070-1084, 2010. [Abstract]  
  26. Witt KL, Malarkey DE, Hobb CA, Davis JP, Kissling GE, Caspary W, Travlos G, Recio L. (2010) No increases in biomarkers of genetic damage or pathological changes in heart and brain tissues in male rats administered methylphenidate hydrochloride (Ritalin) for 28 days. Environmental and molecular mutagenesis 51(1):80-88. [Abstract]  
  27. Stout MD, Herbert RA, Kissling GE, Collins BJ, Travlos GS, Witt KL, Melnick RL, Malarkey DE, Hooth MJ. (2009) Hexavalent chromium is carcinogenic to F344/N rats and B6C3F1 mice after chronic oral exposure. Environmental health perspectives 117(5):716-722. [Abstract]
  28. Baird DD, Travlos G, Wilson R, Dunson DB, Hill MC, D'Aloisio A, London SJ, Schectman JM. Uterine Leiomyomata in Relation to Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I, Insulin, and Diabetes. Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.) 20(4):604-610, 2009. [Abstract]  
  29. Auerbach SS, Mahler J, Travlos GS, Irwin RD. A comparative 90 day toxicity study of allyl acetate, allyl alcohol and acrolein. Toxicology 253(1-3):79-88, 2008. [Abstract]  
  30. Auman JT, Boorman GA, Wilson RE, Travlos GS, Paules RS. Heat map visualization of high-density clinical chemistry data. Physiol. Genomics 31(2):352-356, 2007.  [Abstract]  
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  33. Travlos GS. Histopathology of bone marrow. Toxicol. Pathol., 34:566-598, 2006. [Abstract]  
  34. Travlos GS. Normal structure, function, and histology of the bone marrow. Toxicol. Pathol., 34:548-565, 2006.  [Abstract]  
  35. Peddada SD, Haseman JK, Tan, X, Travlos G. Tests for simple tree order restriction with application to dose-response studies. Appl. Statist. 55:493-506, 2006.  
  36. Anderson LM, Riffle L, Wilson R, Travlos GS, Lubomirski MS, Alvord WG. Preconceptional fasting of fathers alters serum glucose in offspring of mice. Nutrition. 22:327-331, 2006.  [Abstract]  
  37. Chan P, Mahler J, Travlos GS, Nyska A, Wenk M. Induction of thyroid lesions in 14-week toxicity studies of 2 and 4-methylimidazole in Fischer 344/N rats and B6C3F1 mice. Arch Toxicol., 23:1-12, 2005.  
  38. Rhodes MC, Hebert CD, Herbert RA, Morinello EJ, Roycroft JH, Travlos GS, Abdo KM. Absence of toxic effects in F344/N rats and B6C3F1 mice following subchronic administration of chromium picolinate monohydrate. Food Chem Toxicol., 43 (1):21-29, 2005.  [Abstract]  
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