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Study Publications

Sister Study

Sister Study

The Sister Study generated data that the Epidemiology Branch and its collaborators published in a peer-reviewed journal article. To find out more about the study, please click the following links to the journal articles and abstracts.


  1. D’Aloisio AA, DeRoo LA, Baird DD, Weinberg CR, Sandler DP. Prenatal and infant exposures and self-reported age at menarche. Epidemiology 2012, in press.
  2. Fei C, DeRoo LA, Sandler DP, Weinberg CR. Menopausal symptoms and the risk of young-onset breast cancer. European journal of cancer 49(4):798-804, 2012. [Abstract]
  3. Kim S, Parks CG, Xu Z, Carswell G, DeRoo LA, Sandler DP, Taylor JA. Association between genetic variants in DNA and histone methylation and telomere length. PloS one 7(7):e40504-, 2012. [Abstract]
  4. Fei C , Deroo LA, Sandler DP, Weinberg CR. Fertility drugs and young-onset breast cancer: Results from the Two Sister Study. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 104(13):1021-7, 2012. [Abstract]
  5. Parks CG, D’Aloisio AA, DeRoo LA, Huiber K, Rider L, Miller F, Sandler DP. Childhood socioeconomic factors and perinatal characteristics influence development of rheumatoid arthritis in adulthood. Ann Rheum Dis 2012; doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2011-201083. [Abstract]
  6. D'Aloisio AA, Baird DD, DeRoo LA, Sandler DP. Early-life exposures and early onset uterine leiomyomata in black women in the Sister Study. Environmental health perspectives 120(3):406-412 (2012). [Abstract]
  7. Lin CJ, DeRoo LA, Jacobs SR, Sandler DP. Accuracy and reliability of self-reported weight and height in the Sister Study. Public health nutrition 15(6):989-99, 2012. [Abstract]


  1. Fortier I, Doiron D, Little J, Ferretti V, L'Heureux F, Stolk RP, Knoppers BM, Hudson TJ, Burton PR; International Harmonization Initiative. Is rigorous retrospective harmonization possible? Application of the DataSHaPER approach across 53 large studies. Int J Epidemiol 2011;40(5):1314-28. [Abstract]
  2. Shi M, Umbach DM, Weinberg CR. Family-based gene-by-environment interaction studies: revelations and remedies. Epidemiology 2011;23(3):400-7. [Abstract]
  3. Kim S, Sandler DP, Carswell G, De Roo LA, Parks CG, Cawthon R, Weinberg CR, Taylor JA. Telomere length in peripheral blood and breast cancer risk in a prospective case-cohort analysis: results from the Sister Study. Cancer causes & control 2011 22(7):1061-6. [Abstract]
  4. Parks CG, DeRoo LA, Miller DA, McCanlies EM, Cawthon RM, Sandler DP. Current and past work schedule are related to telomere length in women. Occup Environ Med 2011;68(8):582-589. [Abstract]
  5. Spector DJ, DeRoo LA, Sandler DP. Lifestyle behaviors in Black and White women with a family history of breast cancer. Preventive medicine 52(5):394-397, 2011 [Abstract]
  6. Kim S, DeRoo LA, Sandler DP. Eating patterns and nutritional characteristics associated with sleep duration. Public Health Nutr 2011;14(5):889-895. [Abstract]


  1. Steiner AZ, D'Aloisio A, DeRoo L, Sandler D, Baird DD. Association of Intrauterine and Early Life Exposures with Age at Menopause in the Sister Study. American Journal of Epidemology 172(2):140-148, 2010. [Abstract]
  2. D'Aloisio AA, Baird DD, DeRoo LA, Sandler DP. Association of intrauterine and early-life exposures with diagnosis of uterine leiomyomata by 35 years of age in the Sister Study. Environmental health perspectives 2010; 118(3):375-381. [Abstract]


  1. Spector D, Mishel M, Skinner CS, DeRoo LA, VanRipper M, Sandler DP. Breast cancer risk perception and lifestyle behaviors among white and black women with a family history of disease. Cancer nursing 32(4):299-308, 2009. [Abstract]
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  4. Parks CG, Miller DB, McCanlies EC, Cawthon RM, Andrew ME, DeRoo LA, Sandler DP. Telomere length, current perceived stress, and urinary stress hormones in women. Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention : a publication of the American Association for Cancer Research, cosponsored by the American Society of Preventive Oncology 18(2):551-560,2009. [Abstract]


  1. Weinberg CR, Shore DL, Umbach DM, Sandler DP. Using risk-based sampling to enrich cohorts for endpoints, genes and exposures. Am J Epidemiol 2007;166:447-55. [Abstract]
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