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Your Environment. Your Health.

Organizational Chart

Epidemiology Branch

  • Chief Epidemiology Branch: Dale P. Sandler

    • Scientific and Support Staff

      • Technical Information Specialist: Paula Juras

      • Sr. Advisor (Contractor): Matt Longnecker

      • Sr. Advisor (Retired): Walter Rogan

      • Special Volunteer (NIEHS/NIA): Helen Meier

      • Health Science Administrator: Gitanjali Taneja

    • Administrative Staff

      • Administrative Assistant: Edward Mosley

    • Chronic Disease Epidemiology

      • Senior Investigator: Dale P. Sandler

      • Vacant Staff Scientist (Sister Study)

      • Staff Scientist (GuLF Study): Richard Kwok

      • Staff Scientist (AHS): Christine Parks

      • Associate Scientist, IPA (GuLF Study): Lawrence Engel

      • Postdoctoral IRTA: Alexandra White

      • Predoctoral IRTA (GuLF Study): Emily Werder

      • Postdoctoral IRTA: Yong Moon Park

      • Predoctoral IRTA (GuLF Study): Kaitlyn Gam

      • Guest Researcher: Nicole Niehoff

      • Special Volunteer: Honglei Chen

      • Postdoctoral IRTA (VF): Srishti Shrestha

      • Special Volunteer: Joshua Petimar

      • Special Volunteer: Shahar Shmuel

      • Special Volunteer: Craig McGowan

      • Special Volunteer: Hazel Nichols

    • Genetics, Environment & Respiratory Disease

      • Senior Investigator: Stephanie London

      • Research Fellow: Mi Kyeong Lee

      • Postdoctoral IRTA: Sarah Reese

      • Special Volunteer: Megan Carnes

      • Special Volunteer: Brittney Braumert

      • Contractor: Annah Wyss

    • Molecular & Genetic Epidemiology

      • Senior Investigator: Jack Taylor

      • Staff Scientist: Zongli Xu

      • Postdoctoral IRTA: Lauren Wilson

    • Perinatal & Early Life Epidemiology

      • Investigator: Kelly Ferguson

      • Special Volunteer: Stephani Kim

      • Special Volunteer: Antti Impinen

      • Special Volunteer: Elizabeth Kamai

      • Postdoctoral IRTA: Vacant

    • Reproductive Epidemiology

      • Senior Investigator: Allen J. Wilcox

      • Guest Researcher: Rolv Terje Lie

      • Special Volunteer: Ann Marie Jukic

      • Guest Researcher: Dag Moster

    • Social & Environmental Determinants of Health Equity

      • Investigator: Chandra Jackson

      • Postdoctoral IRTA: Ketrell McWhorter

      • Postdoctoral IRTA: Vacant

    • Vacant TTI

      • Investigator: Vacant

      • Postdoctoral IRTA: Vacant

      • Postdoctoral IRTA: Vacant

    • Women's Health

      • Senior Investigator: Donna D. Baird

      • Research Fellow: Quaker Harmon

      • Postdoctoral IRTA: Kristen Moore

      • Postdoctoral IRTA: Kristen Upson

      • Postdoctoral IRTA: Helen Chin

      • Special Volunteer: Margaret Adgent

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