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NTP Branches & Laboratories

National Toxicology Program Division

Biomolecular Screening Branch

  • Develops research and testing activities in high and medium throughput screening assays for rapid detection of biological activities of significance to toxicology and carcinogenesis
  • Carries out automated screening assays with Caenorhabditis elegans
  • Develops analysis tools and approaches to allow an integrated assessment of high throughput screening endpoints and associations with findings from traditional toxicology and cancer models
  • Develops assays and approaches to understand the genetic and epigenetic bases for differences in susceptibility

Cellular & Molecular Pathology Branch

  • Responsible for managing, evaluating, reviewing, and reporting all pathology data generated through conduct of NTP toxicity and carcinogenicity studies
  • Establishes standards, terminology, and diagnostic criteria for rodent pathology
  • Providing laboratory animal medicine support for NTP and the NIEHS Intramural Research Division
  • Maintains the NTP Archives
  • Manages pathology, toxicology, and other contracts to support NTP and DIR investigators. Staff veterinary scientists provide collaborative pathology diagnostic support for DIR investigators and mentoring/training in toxicologic pathology and laboratory animal medicine.

NTP Laboratory

  • Provides laboratory capabilities and support for the performance of specific, targeted research on substances nominated to the NTP, issues of central importance to NTP programs, and the development of new methods for NTP research and testing

Program Operations Branch

  • Provides recommendations to the NTP for scientific, administrative, and fiscal procedures and requirements by which NTP goals may be accomplished through in-house and contract activities
  • Provides resources for analytical chemistry, toxicokinetics, and evaluations of bioavailability and biotransformation
  • Initiates the contract award process and participates with NIEHS contracts office in the review and awarding of contracts to support NTP research and testing activities
  • Manages toxicity and carcinogenicity studies performed under contract and monitors them for technical and fiscal performance
  • Manages the receipt, maintenance, tracking, and dissemination of NTP documents and data

Toxicology Branch

  • Responsible for the design, interpretation, review, and reporting of general toxicology and carcinogenicity studies usually in rodent models, as well as studies to evaluate targeted effects on the immune system, reproduction, development, and interference with chromosomes and DNA for substances studied by the NTP
  • Integrates information derived from studies of absorption, metabolism, distribution, and excretion of test substances within the body and develops mathematical models that utilize this information in the extrapolation and prediction of findings across different species and exposure conditions
  • Oversees analysis and development of mathematical models using information derived from studies of gene expression in different tissues
  • Incorporates systems biology approaches
  • Develops new methodologies for toxicological assessments
  • Provides guidance on the proper utilization of toxicology information in hazard identification, hazard characterization, and regulatory decision-making