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Scientists & Staff

Office of the Report on Carcinogens

Ruth M. Lunn, Dr. P.H.
Ruth M. Lunn, Dr.P.H.
Director, Office of the Report on Carcinogens

Tel 984-287-3155
Fax 301-480-2970
Gloria D. Jahnke, D.V.M.
Gloria D. Jahnke, D.V.M.
Health Scientist

Tel 984-287-3145
Fax 301-451-5396
Suril S. Mehta
Suril S. Mehta, M.P.H.
Health Scientist

Tel 984-287-3159
Amy Wang, Ph.D.
Amy Wang, Ph.D.
Health Scientist

Tel 984-287-3206

Contractor Support Staff

Sanford (Sandy) Garner, Ph.D.
Sandy Garner, Ph.D.
Contractor — Project Manager/Senior Scientist

Tel 919-281-1110 x226
Fax 919-281-1118
Whitney Arroyave
Whitney D. Arroyave, Ph.D.
Contractor — Epidemiologist

Tel 919-308-0890
Stanley (Stan) Atwood, M.S., D.A.B.T.
Stan Atwood, M.S.
Contractor — Toxicologist/Senior Scientist

Tel 919-544-4589 x324
Fax 919-544-0380
Ella Darden
Ella Darden
Contractor — Administrative Specialist

Tel 919-281-1110 x259
Fax 919-281-1118
Andrew Ewens, Ph.D.
Andy Ewens, Ph.D.
Contractor — Toxicologist/Scientific Writer

Tel 919-609-0773
Fax 919-544-0380
Alton F. Peters
Alton F. Peters
Contractor — Technical Writer

Tel 919-544-4589 x222
Tracy Saunders
Tracy L. Saunders
Contractor — Administrative Assistant

Tel 919-313-7571
Fax 919-544-7507
Pamela Schwingl
Pamela J. Schwingl, Ph.D.
Contractor — Senior Epidemiologist

Tel 919-281-1110