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Office of Portfolio Strategy

The NIEHS Division of the National Toxicology Program (DNTP) Office of Portfolio Strategy provides leadership and support for strategic research planning, program development, and portfolio management in execution of DNTP’s mission to improve public health through development of data and knowledge that are translatable, predictive, and timely.

The Office coordinates across the division to identify opportunities for applying DNTP’s capabilities in pursuit of impactful research with scientific approaches that are current, innovative, and creative. There is emphasis on designing and continually optimizing a portfolio structure with a program management and governance framework that aligns DNTP research projects with strategic initiatives, improves operational efficiency, and maximizes public health impact. The Office supports portfolio analysis and priority setting, working with DNTP staff to identify promising scientific opportunities and research needs and facilitate engagement with internal and external stakeholders.


Scott Masten, Ph.D., D.A.B.T.
Scott A. Masten, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Portfolio Strategy

Tel 984-287-3156
Fax 301-451-5599

Support Staff

Not Pictured
Debbie Higgins
Administrative Specialist

Tel 984-287-3151
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