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Scientists & Staff

NTP Interagency Center for the Evaluation of Alternative Toxicological Methods (NICEATM)

Nicole Kleinstreuer, Ph.D.
Nicole Kleinstreuer, Ph.D.
Acting Director - NICEATM

Tel 984-287-3150
Elizabeth A. Maull, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Maull, Ph.D.
Toxicologist; Program Administrator

Tel 984-287-3157
Fax 301-480-3008


Contractor Support Staff

Jaleh Abedini, M.S.
Contractor — Senior Data Analyst
Tel 919-765-8660
David G. Allen, Ph.D.
Contractor — Principal Investigator
Tel 919-281-1110 x243
Shannon M. Bell, Ph.D.
Contractor — Principal Data Scientist
Tel 919-281-1110 x250
Lauren M. Browning, M.S.
Contractor — Senior Data Manager
Tel 919-281-1110
Patricia Ceger, M.S.
Contractor — Principal Toxicology Data Analyst
Tel 919-314-0328
Xiaoqing Chang, Ph.D.
Contractor — Senior Computational Toxicologist
Tel 919-314-0329
Neepa Choksi, Ph.D.
Contractor — Principal Toxicologist
Tel 919-281-1110 x421
Bethany T. Cook, M.S.
Contractor — Data Scientist
Tel 919-281-1110
Amber B. Daniel, M.S.
Contractor — Principal Data Manager
Tel 919-281-1110 x252
Jon T. Hamm, Ph.D.
Contractor — Principal Toxicologist
Tel 919-281-1110 x246
Agnes Karmaus, Ph.D.
Contractor — Senior Toxicologist
Tel 919-765-8598
Kamel Mansouri, Ph.D.
Contractor — Senior Computational Chemist
Tel 984-287-3150
Steven Q. Morefield, M.D.
Contractor — Senior Project Manager/Corporate Process Advisor
Tel 919-281-1110
John P. Rooney, Ph.D.
Contractor — Senior Toxicologist
Tel 919-281-1110 x251
Cathy Sprankle, M.S.
Contractor — Scientific and Technical Communications Manager
Tel 919-281-1110 x241
Judy A. Strickland, Ph.D.
Contractor — Principal Toxicologist
Tel 919-765-8638
Jim Truax, M.A.
Contractor — Project Coordinator/Data Analyst
Tel 919-281-1110 x255
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