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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

2001 News Releases

11 Dec 2001: Sharon - and Beginning Readers - Search for the Environment (
29 Nov 2001: Food Allergy Scientists to Assess Potential for Sensitivities to Genetically Modified Foods (
18 Nov 2001: What Protects Us from Radiation? Some Answers Are Found in More than 100 Yeast Genes (
5 Nov 2001: NIEHS and Five Research Organizations Join to Use Genomics to Study Toxicological and Environmental Health Problems (
25 Oct 2001: New Children's Environmental Health Centers to Study Causes of Autism and Other Disorders (
3 Oct 2001: Drop of 30 Percent in Use of Animals in Some Tests Could Be Quickly Achieved through Use of Cells, U.S. Says (
6 Aug 2001: Study Shows Simple Steps Can Reduce Dust Mite Allergens in Bedrooms (
26 Jul 2001: Council and NIEHS Agree to $4 Million Research Effort to Improve Testing Chemicals for Potential Human Developmental and Reproductive Effects (
24 Jul 2001: NTP Plans to Look at Common Viruses, Radiation, Cooking By-Products for New Carcinogen Report (
12 Jul 2001: DDT Use in U.S. Linked to Premature Births in the 1960s (
10 Jul 2001: U.S., Vietnamese Scientists to Jointly Look at Agent Orange Effects (
9 Jul 2001: UCLA's Lutz Birnbaumer, Who Has Helped Demonstrate How Cells 'Talk,' Will Be NIEHS' New Scientific Director (
31 May 2001: Increased Uterine Cancer Seen in Mice Injected with Genistein, a Soy Estrogen, As Newborns (
24 May 2001: Environmental Health Sciences Center Funded at UNC Chapel Hill (
22 May 2001: National Survey Examines Factors Related to High Levels of Dust Mite and Cockroach Allergen in Beds (
15 May 2001: DDT, PCBs Not Linked to Higher Rates of Breast Cancer, an Analysis of Five Northeast Studies Concludes (
14 May 2001: More Study Recommended on Long-Term Reproductive Effects of Traces of Both Natural and Man-Made Hormone-Like Chemicals (
9 May 2001: Drug Treatment of Lead-Exposed Children Does Not Improve Psychological Test Scores (
3 May 2001: Environmental Health Institute Selects Centers in Ohio, Texas, New York and Washington to Breed Mice with Gene Variants for Disease Studies (
30 Apr 2001: Experts on Health Disparities Discuss Issues with New NIH Minority Center Director (
18 Apr 2001: 'Tuskegee' Revisited: Director of Nation's First African American Bioethics Center to Speak To Medical and Dental Students on Ethical Controversies in Medical Research (
30 Mar 2001: Spend Your Earth Day Lunch-Time with Environmental Researchers, See Their Facilities and Get a Dogwood Seedling to Help Clean the Air (
22 Mar 2001: Federal Government Makes Final Call for Data, Public Comment before Writing New Report on Cancer-Causing Substances (
26 Feb 2001: Environmental Health Burdens of Poor Asian, Native American, African American and Hispanic Communities Featured at Special Session of Society of Toxicology (
26 Feb 2001: NIEHS Initiates Clinical Center Research Group to Study and Treat Autoimmune Muscle Disorders (
13 Feb 2001: Offspring of Men with Birth Defects Twice As Likely to Have Defects, Too (
9 Feb 2001: Special Session Planned at Society of Toxicology Meeting on the Role of the Environment in Parkinson's Disease (
25 Jan 2001: NTP Completes 500TH Two-Year Rodent Study and Report; Series is the Gold Standard of Animal Toxicology (
19 Jan 2001: TCDD -- Dioxin -- Is Listed As "Known Human Carcinogen" in Federal Government's Ninth Report on Carcinogens (
4 Jan 2001: Trans-NIH Collaboration with NIOSH Initiates Studies of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health (
2 Jan 2001: Environmental Health Institute Scientists Begin to Unravel Cause of Blocked Memory in Alzheimer's (

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