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Environmental Factor, June 2014

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The June issue of Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) ( examines potentially harmful exposures from cooking, especially when using gas stoves, and the benefits seen in Denmark after the country reduced antibiotic use in livestock.

Take Care in the Kitchen: Avoiding Cooking-Related Pollutants — The process of cooking food, as well as the stoves themselves — especially gas burners — can emit several potentially hazardous chemicals and compounds. Researchers suggest a few simple techniques to reduce exposure while they look for better ways to control emissions.

Reducing Antibiotic Use in Livestock: How Denmark Tackled Resistance — In Denmark, the drive to preserve antibiotics for human use revolutionized livestock management during the 1990s and 2000s. Today the country is enjoying a thriving livestock industry and a decrease in antibiotic-resistant microbes in animals and meat.

Featured research and related news articles this month include:

  • Assessment of the Risk of Medium-Term Internal Contamination in Minamisoma City, Fukushima, Japan, after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident — Data for Disaster Planning: Risk Factors for Internal Radiation Exposures After Fukushima
  • Ciguatera Fish Poisoning and Climate Change: Analysis of National Poison Center Data in the United States, 2001–2011 — Under the Weather With Ciguatera Fish Poisoning: Climate Variables Associated With Increases in Suspected Cases
  • Estimated Effects of Projected Climate Change on the Basic Reproductive Number of the Lyme Disease Vector Ixodes scapularisTicking Time Bomb? Climate Change and Ixodes scapularis
  • The Human Early-Life Exposome (HELIX): Project Rationale and Design — The HELIX Project: Tracking the Exposome in Real Time

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