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Environmental Factor, August 2012

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This month in EHP

Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) August cover

This month’s feature stories in Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) August cover ( tackle the timely issues of ultraviolet radiation exposure and emotion-based judgments about science.

Focus — UV Radiation and Skin Cancer: The Science Behind Age Restrictions for Tanning Beds

Every year, millions of people climb, in various states of undress, into warm, glowing tanning beds, where, during a typical 2- to 15-minute session, they absorb a controlled dose of ultraviolet (UV) radiation at an intensity of up to two to three times stronger than the sunlight striking the equator at noon. A body of evidence suggesting that UV overexposure, at a young age, plays a key role in developing skin cancer, has prompted 33 U.S. states and some municipalities to restrict indoor tanning among children under age 18.

Spheres of Influence Flavors of Uncertainty: The Difference Between Denial and Debate

During the pilot episode of Comedy Central’s late night TV show “The Colbert Report,” satirist Stephen Colbert coined the term truthiness — truths that feel right, regardless of evidence or reason. Using satire, Colbert captured the essence of an issue that has many people deeply concerned — the denial of scientific evidence on the basis of gut-level emotions.

PodcastMigration and Climate Change, with Jon Barnett and Celia McMichael

Over the past million years, migrations have happened because of food shortages, droughts, ice ages, and many other climate-related reasons. But, for the first time in our history, human beings are migrating because of climate change, for which we, ourselves, are partly responsible. In this month’s Researcher’s Perspective podcast, Celia McMichael, Ph.D., and Jon Barnett, Ph.D., discuss climate-related migration in the present day and the way it may look in the future.

Featured commentaries, reviews, and research this month include:

• Short-term Associations of PM2.5 Constituents and Hospitalizations

• Selective Pressure of Antibiotic Pollution on Bacteria Important to Public Health

• Human Neural Crest Cell Migration Assay for Developmental Toxicants

• DEHP, Adipogenesis, and Fertility in Mice

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