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Environmental Factor, June 2012

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This month in EHP

By Eddy Ball

Environmental Health Perspectives June issue

The striking cover of this month’s Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP)( sets the stage for a news feature article titled “Our Food: Packaging and Public Health,” discussing some of the environmental health pros and cons of common food packaging materials. The article examines potential chemical exposures from the variety of food containers the average person encounters throughout the course of a day.

A second news feature explores the less beneficial implications of communicating technological and biomedical breakthroughs in “One Study, Two Paths: The Challenge of Dual-Use Research.” With the potential to harm as well as help human health, so-called dual-use research challenges researchers, funding agencies, and scientific journals to balance academic and scientific freedom against protection of public health.

In this month’s Researcher's Perspective podcast, host Ashley Ahearn discusses the state of the science on low-dose exposures to endocrine disruptors and the implications for safety testing with guest Laura Vandenberg.

Featured commentaries, reviews, and research this month include the following:

  • Role of Environmental Chemicals in Diabetes and Obesity
  • Which Fish Should I Eat?
  • Health Effects of Low-Level Methylmercury
  • Malignant Epithelia Transform Normal Stem Cells
  • Exposure to Nanoparticles from Cosmetic Powders

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