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Environmental Factor, April 2012

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Upcoming presentation on data integration at HHS

By Eddy Ball

Todd Park, Department of Health Human Services Chief Technology Officer

Park has brought his extensive private sector experience to bear on advancing the multifaceted Health Data Initiative. Park is often described as the HHS entrepreneur-in-residence. (Photo courtesy of Todd Park)

NIEHS will welcome Todd Park April 5 for a presentation on the U.S. Department of Health Human Services (HHS) Health Data Initiative. Park, who has served as HHS chief technology officer since 2009 and was appointed U.S. Chief Technology Officer in March, will give a talk titled “The Health Data Initiative: Unleashing the Power of Open Data and Innovation to Improve Health” beginning at 10:00 a.m. in Rodbell Auditorium.

Park will discuss the rapid growth and success of the Health Data Initiative in making the troves of data available at HHS much more accessible to the public, putting it in the hands of innovators across the country who have developed novel and powerful applications for serving millions of Americans. The initiative maintains a constantly evolving, centralized platform for delivering new datasets and tools, along with supporting a community of data users and providers through social networking, as part of the HHS and Institute of Medicine commitment to open government. 

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Looking forward to the Health Data Initiative Forum III , the third annual Health Data Palooza, June 5-6 in Washington, D.C., organizers are utilizing public-private partnerships and extensive outreach programs to make it easier than ever for consumers, employers, healthcare providers, researchers, advocates, journalists, local leaders, and others to access HHS data sources to improve individual and public health.

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