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Environmental Factor, February 2012

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Long recognized for CFC leadership

By Eddy Ball

NIEHS Deputy Associate Director for Management Chris Long

Long said he feels a commitment to give back to the community (see text box). “My mother was a United Way executive director, so it’s in my blood.” (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

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NIEHS and NIH enjoyed a banner year for pledges to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). One factor in this year’s success on the home front, several observers agree, was the leadership provided by NIEHS Deputy Associate Director for Management Chris Long, who served as chairperson of the Greater North Carolina (N.C.) CFC Local Federal Coordinating Committee.

In a message to NIH CFC chairs Jan. 6, U.S. National Library of Medicine Associate Director for Administrative Management and NIH 2011 CFC chairperson Todd Danielson praised Long’s contribution to the 2011 campaign. “I'd be remiss if I didn't tip my hat to NIEHS for their service in the Greater North Carolina CFC,” Danielson wrote. “Congratulations to Chris Long who did a stellar job as statewide chair!”

A Happy New Year, indeed

Danielson was right to be filled with New Year cheer, as he reported on the performance of the 27 institutes and centers. NIH exceeded its 2011 goal of $2.4 million by $150,000, raising 106 percent of its goal. With the addition of pledges made between the official close of the campaign Dec. 15 and the final accounting Dec. 31, NIEHS raised a total of $113,526, an impressive 108 percent of its goal of $105,000.

In the Greater N.C. CFC campaign, only the much larger workforces at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Postal Service raised more than NIEHS employees. The Greater N.C. Area CFC now includes counties that were previously within the boundaries of the CFC of Central Carolinas, the Piedmont Triad CFC, the Research Triangle Area CFC, and 18 counties that were not previously associated with a CFC, serving more than 27,000 federal employees in 56 North Carolina counties and 7 South Carolina counties.

This year, the Greater N.C. CFC raised more than $1.3 million. But, with many agencies, particularly the Postal Service, facing the specter of significant cuts, reduced hours, and downsizing, the overall campaign finished about 15 percent below last year. “We feared it would be much worse, so I am happy we did this well,” said Long, “NIEHS was one of the few bright spots in a very difficult fundraising year.”

Reflecting on the 2011 CFC, NIEHS/NTP Director Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., who supported Long’s service as statewide chair and rallied employees during the CFC campaign at NIEHS, thanked Long and NIEHS co-chairs Cindy Innes and Ron Cannon, Ph.D., for their hard work and dedication. “These totals are especially impressive during a time of high unemployment and hard times for many families in our communities,” she wrote. “Chris, Cindy, Ron, and the many generous people at NIEHS and elsewhere make me proud to be a federal employee and a part of the NIEHS and NIH communities.”

The Long tradition of service at home and abroad

Since joining NIEHS in 2007, Long has provided leadership and support for charitable efforts by NIEHS employees, including the annual CFC and Feds Feed Families drives. Previously, at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, he served as chairperson of the Research Triangle Area CFC and served on the board of directors of the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development.

He has also worked as a staff executive for the Boy Scouts of America, volunteered more than two decades as a Big Brother, and helped start a charity serving a small village in Nicaragua.

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