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Trainees Celebrate the Holiday Seasons

By Eddy Ball
January 2010

Dr. Jim Aloor decorating his cookie for the contest
Fellow Jim Aloor, Ph.D., didn't let the laughter and noise distract him from the serious business at hand - decorating his cookie for the contest.
(Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Postdoctoral Fellows Larrea and Hess opting for a round of rock-paper-scissors
While a handful of task-oriented trainees worked on their cookies, Postdoctoral Fellows Andres Larrea, Ph.D., left, and Jill Hesse, Ph.D., opted for a round of rock-paper-scissors. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Post-baccalaureate Fellow Zachary Zalinger
Like his fellow trainees, Post-baccalaureate Fellow Zachary Zalinger, above, enjoyed the group's half-hearted attempts at answering quiz questions from Klotz and Schrader. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

A group of the Institute's youngest scientists accepted an invitation to leave their pipettes behind on December 11 and enjoy a holiday party sponsored by the NIEHS Trainee Assembly (NTA) and the Office of Fellows Career Development (OFCD). Emceed by OFCD Director Diane Klotz, Ph.D., the mood was lighthearted as the trainees decorated cookies, enjoyed seasonal snacks, joked with each other, and socialized.

NIEHS Scientific Director John Pritchard, Ph.D., and Deputy Scientific Director Bill Schrader, Ph.D., dropped in to wish everyone a happy holiday with family and friends.

Drs. Raj Gosavi, left, and Jakub Kwintkiewicz
NTA Co-Chair Raj Gosavi, Ph.D., left, smiled at the holiday antics as he sat with Research Fellow Jakub Kwintkiewicz, Ph.D. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Mercy Arana, Ph.D., left, and Danielle Watt, Ph.D.
Friends and lab mates Mercy Arana, Ph.D., left, and Danielle Watt, Ph.D., joined in the fun from the sidelines. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

trainees had a lot of fun decorating their cookies
The trainees had a lot of fun decorating their cookies, but only one of them could be a prize winner. One of the entries, second row right, showed a distinctive "South Park" influence. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

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