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Director's Awards Ceremony Recognizes Employee Achievements

By Eddy Ball
January 2010

Linda Lindley and Director Birnbaum
Lin Lindley, above, was one of a record number of winners of 2009 NIH Merit Awards honored at the ceremony. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Director Birnbaum and Nigel Walker
Shown with Birnbaum, left, emcee Nigel Walker kept the capacity audience laughing at his lively banter throughout the ceremony. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

NIEHS employees, friends, and family turned out in force on Dec. 17 in Rodbell Auditorium to watch as NIEHS/NTP Director Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., presented Director's Awards to employees who made meritorious contributions to the NIEHS mission in 2009. NTP Deputy Program Director for Science Nigel Walker, Ph.D., served as the master of ceremony at the event.

NIEHS Acting Deputy Director Steve Kleeberger, Ph.D., Deputy Associate Director for Management Chris Long, Acting Scientific Director John Pritchard, Ph.D., and Interim Director of DERT Gwen Collman, Ph.D., announced the Merit Awards for members of their divisions and offices.

Program Analyst and NIEHS Awards Coordinator Diane Crawford organized the event and contacted the winners prior to the ceremony. Following the ceremony, employees and guests enjoyed refreshments and music at the annual NIEHS International Day holiday reception in the NIEHS cafeteria.


Office of the Director (OD)

  • Tonya Stonham
  • Linda Lindley
  • David Fargo

Cross-divisional Collaboration (OD)

  • Laurie Johnson, Gwen Collman Rachel Gross, Pat Mastin, Michael Loewe, Margarita Roque. Dorothy Duke, Benny Encarnacion and Susan Hart

Office of Management (OM)

  • Nancy Powell, Marcus Bell, Diane Crawford, and Ellen Moul
  • Heather Nicholas, Charlie Tate, and Rob Levine

Cross-Divisional Collaboration (OM)

  • Rhonda Carroll, Vickie Englebright, Frank Williams, Jack Field, Steve Herndon, Versal Mason, Kyle Hawkins, Clyde Hasty, Scott Merkle, Fred Carter, Megan Tozer, Amanda Thompson, Chris Long, Margarita Roque, Debra Del Corral, Mitch Williams, Josee Crowell, Deitra Lunney, Paula Pier, Charlie Tate, Kathryn Woods, and Karen Hunter

Division of Intramural Research (DIR)

  • Dori Germolec
  • Jack Taylor, Dale Sandler, Lisa DeRoo, Clare Weinberg, Stephanie London, and Paula Juras
  • Terry Lewis, Craig Wladyka, Joan Packenham, Edith Lee, and Jane Lambert
  • Danica Andrews, Laura Wharey, Stella Sieber, Rickie Fannin, and Kevin Gerrish
  • Paul Foster and Dori Germolec
  • Deepa Rao, Darlene Dixon, Mark Hoenerhoff, Ron Herbert, Arun Pandiri, Susan Elmore, Mark Cesta, Gordon Flake, Greg Travlos, and David Malarkey

Division of Extramural Research and Training (DERT)

  • Jerry Heindel
  • Jerry Phelps, Donald Ellis, Pam Clark, Wanda Boggs, James Ray Williams, Aaron Nicholas, Lisa Edwards, Michelle Victalino, Dwight Dolby, Donna Roach, Carolyn Mason, Barbara Gittleman, Natasha Hurwitz, and Carolyn B. Winters
  • Linda Bass, Gwen Collman, Dorothy Duke, Margarita Rogue, Chip Hughes, Claudia Thompson, Christie Drew, Pat Mastin, and Bill Suk
  • Caroline Dilworth, Sri Nadadur, Ted Outwater, Kathy Ahlmark, Sharon Beard, Mike Humble, Heather Henry, Jennifer Collins, Cindy Lawler, Kimberly McAllister, Liam O'Fallon, Elizabeth Maull, David Balshaw, Martha Barnes, Helena Davis, Kimberly Gray, Astrid Haugen, Jerry Heindel, Annette Kirshner, Jerry Phelps, Les Reinlib, James Remington, Daniel Shaughnessy, Carol Shreffler, Beth Anderson, Fred Tyson, and Lisa Chadwick
  • Sally Eckert-Tilotta, Linda Bass, Rose Anne McGee, Leroy Worth, and Michelle Victalino
  • Chip Hughes, Ted Outwater, Sharon Beard, James Remington, and Kathy Ahlmark
  • Annette Kirshner, Kimberly Gray, Linda Bass, Gwen Collman, Cindy Lawler, and Aaron Nicholas

Unsung Hero Awards

  • Rose Anne McGee, Mary Gant, Stephen Cannon, Bill Jirles, Jennie Foushee and Judy Hanson

Peer Awards

  • A'tondra Carree, Lisa Edwards, and Fran Wagstaff

Fellows Awards For Research Excellence (FARE)

  • Thaddeus Schug, Ryan Dackor, Jim Aloor, Jeffrey Sunman, Andrew Kraft, Abee Boyles, Ritu Rana, Jeremy Smyth, Omari Bandele, Li Qian, Xueqian Wang, David Draper, Aparna Purushotham, Dana Hancock, Erica Lannan, Andres Larrea, Hideki Nakano, Rongqin Ren, Ramendra Saha, and Jeffrey Stumpf
FARE winners
FARE winners gathered for a group photo. With each getting a $1,000 travel award, individually and collectively, the trainees received the most lucrative honors at the event. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

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