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NIEHS Receives 20,000th Grant Application

August 2010

Michelle Victalino, left, and Annette Kirshner, Ph.D.
Victalino, left, and Kirshner enjoyed their prizes at Rita's - a local ice cream parlor. (Photo by Jerry Phelps)

DERT employees celebrating with cake
As DERT Health Scientist Administrator Janice Allen, Ph.D., waited for her piece of the cake, Victalino and Kirshner savored their victories once again. (Photo by Eddy Ball)

The NIEHS Division of Extramural Research and Training (DERT) celebrated a milestone July 22 - receipt of the Institute's 20,000th grant application. Since its founding in the mid-sixties, the number and rate of new grant applications the Institute receives each year has grown steadily. More than 30 years elapsed prior to the receipt of grant number ES010000 - the 10,000th application - while it took only 19 years for the next ten thousand applications to arrive.

DERT Program Analyst Jerry Phelps organized a small contest to see who could pick the date grant number ES020000 would be received and catalogued in the IMPACII database. DERT Grants Management Specialist Michelle Victalino won a $10 gift certificate to a local ice cream parlor by selecting May 29, which turned out to be closest date.

Victalino and Phelps celebrated July 19 along with DERT Health Scientist Administrator Annette Kirshner, Ph.D., who described herself afterwards as "the big loser." Although Kirshner selected February 10, the farthest from the actual date, she didn't seem to mind losing too much - she got to have ice cream anyway!

DERT employees celebrated the milestone event with a special cake they enjoyed after their quarterly staff meeting July 22.

Application milestones

ES000001 - approximately 1965
ES005000 - 1988
ES010000 - 1999
ES015000 - 2006
ES020000 - 2010

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