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Bushel and Paules to Present at Toxicogenomics Meeting

By Eddy Ball
September 2009

Pierre Bushel, Ph.D.
Bushel was part of the TIES organizing committee for its first meeting in 2007.
(Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Rick Paules, Ph.D.
Paules was part of the Intramural presence in NCT. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

NIEHS scientists Pierre Bushel, Ph.D. (, and Rick Paules, Ph.D., will join colleague Weida Tong, Ph.D., as U.S. representatives at the Joint Symposium of the 5th International Conference on Toxicogenomics (ICT) and 2nd Toxicogenomics Integrated Environmental Science (TIES) in Seoul, Korea September 20-23.

The conference will bring together experts in toxicogenomics from the U.S., Europe and elsewhere in Asia with their counterparts in Korea. It is sponsored by the Korean Society of Toxicogenomics and Toxicoproteomics.

Bushel, who is a staff scientist in the NIEHS Biostatistics Branch, will speak on "Delineation of Perturbed Biological Systems that Govern Hepatotoxic Potential," and Paules, principal investigator in the Environmental Stress and Cancer Group and director of the Microarrays Core Facility, will outline "An 'Omics' Approach for Identifying Biomarkers of Adverse Effects."

Tong will chair the meeting's Plenary Lecture I session. He is director of the Center for Toxicoinformatics at the Food and Drug Administration's National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR) and a long-time collaborator with toxicogenomics investigators at NIEHS and the Institute's former National Center for Toxicogenomics (NCT), as well as one of the leaders of the MicroArray Quality Control Project.

The first meeting ( of TIES took place at North Carolina State University (NCSU) and was coordinated by NCSU Associate Director of Bioinformatics Dahlia Nielson, Ph.D., and staff in October 2007 - a year following the end of project funding by NCT. It was jointly sponsored by NIEHS, NCSU and NCTR. TIES and ICT are part of the worldwide effort to integrate high-throughput 'omics technologies and microarray platforms into toxicology and drug development.

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