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Extramural Update

November 2009

NIEHS American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) Funding Overview

NIH received $10 billion under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA). Of that NIEHS received $168 million for environmental health research grants and $19.4 million for the Superfund program, to be awarded over fiscal years 2009 and 2010. In fiscal year 2009, the NIEHS funded 325 grants, allocating approximately $133 million and $27 million respectively for awards and supplements. NIEHS received an additional $11.5 million from the NIH Office of the Director, which allowed NIEHS to award additional 24 grants.

ARRA Grants Awarded and ARRA Dollars AwardedTo achieve the ARRA spending goals NIEHS extended the pay line for applications already reviewed, including the percentiled R01 and P01 mechanisms and the unpercentiled R03, R21 and R15 mechanisms. In addition, NIEHS made awards under the following ARRA initiatives:

  • Administrative supplements (within scope of parent grant, up to 24 month awards)
  • Research Project Grants, Centers, Careers, Diversity Supplements, summer Supplements, Worker Education and Superfund
  • Competitive revisions (expands the scope of the parent grant)
  • Challenge Grants (RC1)
  • Grant Opportunities program (RC2)
  • Research to Address the Heterogeneity in Autism (ARRA 09 RFA)
  • Research and Development contracts

The distribution of the awards is shown in the two figures for ARRA Grants Awarded and ARRA Dollars Awarded. The top figure shows the ARRA grants approved for funding, including the number and type. The bottom figure shows the dollars allocated to the various categories.

The graphic below shows the distribution of grants supported through the NIEHS ARRA expenditures.

Geographical Distribution of NIEHS ARRA Aqards

NIEHS has approximately $8 million in ARRA funds for FY 2010. Potential funding announcements are shown below.

RFA Number Title Release Date Receipt Date
OD-09-009 Recovery Act Limited Competition: Biomedical Research, Development, and Growth to Spur the Acceleration of New Technologies (BRDG-SPAN) Pilot Program (RC3) 06/02/2009 09/01/2009
OD-09-009 Recovery Act Limited Competition: Small Business Catalyst Awards for Accelerating Innovative Research (R43) 06/02/2009 09/01/2009
OD-09-007 Recovery Act Limited Competition: Academic Research Enhancement Award (R15) 04/20/2009 09/24/2009
OD-09-010 Recovery Act Limited competition: Building sustainable Community-Linked Infrastructure to Enable Health Science Research (RC4) 09/18/2009 11/24/2009

Over the coming months NIEHS will provide more detailed information on the FY2009 ARRA Awards. For information on how Recovery Act funds are being spent, see Exit NIEHS

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